Metallic Nail Polish

September 26, 2013
Metallic Nail Polish

I was flicking through a fashion magazine last night and noticed nail art seems to be very “now”. In fact, I’m not sure if it’s ever been out of fashion! Bright colours, pastel colours, black, stripes, spots, patterns, glitter, gloss, matte….even patriotic national flags seem to have all (at one stage or another) been popular choices.

So I thought what better inspiration for a room renovation than taking your favourite nail polish hue and using that as the base for your new space.

I've always loved the rich, metallic tones of nail polish and was drawn to this particular image – it literally oozes inspiration to me! With this image in mind, I have selected some products to add instant glamour to your interior renovation.

Shimmering Silver

Silver Product Inspiration

For a classic and timeless look, silver and grey hues are a striking colour scheme to any interior.

A mixture of warm and cool silvers coupled with textures can instantly lift a tired space.

There are some stunning products on the market such as pressed metal for splashbacks, a gorgeous statement basin or for something completely luxurious, a silver chandelier.

Given silver’s reflective properties, keep in mind where it is used and the natural light it’s exposed to. Whatever your selection, silver will add a sparkle to your space!

Glistening Gold

Gold Product Inspiration

Gold instantly portrays richness, wealth and glamour.

If you want to create a room that evokes decadence and luxury, gold is hard to go past.

Think of all those beautiful five star hotel foyers, exclusive restaurants and deluxe day spas.Chances are the colour gold is used somewhere, somehow.

For a more understated look, try using gold in smaller portions such as a beautiful drain waste in a luxurious bathroom, a hanging pendant beside the master bed or luxurious wallpaper in the home’s entrance.

Metallic Swirls

Metallic Product Inspiration

For the adventurous renovator, why not add a swirl of metallic colour to your renovation.

There are some incredible products available that almost appear 3D given the nature of the tone and pattern.

A particular favourite is a metallic tile used in a beautiful bathroom retreat or, how about a spa – it’s not only the water that swirls in these.

For a more understated use, there are some stunning wallpapers that would add sophistication and depth to any interior space.

Sparkling Mulberry and Purple

Purple Product Inspiration

Purple hues can be used in an interior to create drama and glamour. Add a touch of metallic to these and voila, instant allure!

If the thought of an entire room of purple is too bold a decision, think about accents such as striking feature wallpaper or a more discreet pendant light.

Purple’s complimentary colour is yellow so the two used together thoughtfully can create a dynamic combination and visual focal point for any interior.

Whatever your favourite metallic tones, don’t be anxious to take your ideas and experiment as we are sure you will end up with a space that you love!