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Jacuzzi J-245

September 24, 2013
Jacuzzi J-245

If you’re a regular reader of RenoExchange product reviews, this is the next installment in our landscaping project – choosing a spa.

Reason to buy a Spa

Some people have expressed surprise that we were putting in a spa – maybe it’s the Melbourne weather, or hazy memories of spa parties, but our reasons for putting in a spa were:

  • Our kids love water play – and a spa offers lots of fun for kids playing (in all seasons)
  • Their smaller size means that maintenance and running costs (water, chemicals and power) are less than a pool.
  • Their compact size made a spa, rather than a pool, easier to fit into our inner city backyard
  • And because it is Melbourne, the idea of being able to heat the water makes it much more appealing, although I’m not 100% sure I’ll really use it in the middle of winter!

Buying a Spa

With the decision made to purchase a spa, we then had to decide on which brand and model to buy.
There are a lot of reputable brands and great showrooms out there, so we started by researching online and then visiting stores to help narrow our choice.

Our criteria for choosing a spa to purchase was:

  • Reliability
  • Layout and seating positions
  • Colour
  • Cost – both to purchase and to run

We ended up settling on the Jacuzzi brand because we felt comfortable and confident with the brand and the quality of the product.
We liked the layout of the J-245 with its deep foot well and foot massage features, the relatively plain shell and cabinet colour scheme, and the Clear Ray System was also a deciding factor as it reduces the amount of chemicals required in the running of the spa – great for both the kids who spend a lot of time in the water and in keeping the running costs down.

For installation, we had the spa positioned on a pad and then built into our deck.
Don’t forget that a spa may well need a pool fence around it to make it safe and comply with local council regulations eg be sure to check with your local council as to what restrictions may be in place in your area.

Now that we’ve got it installed the kids love the colour changing lights and the waterfall feature.
We’re all loving the massage jets.
And I’m sure when the first electricity bill comes in we’ll have a real appreciation of the varying settings that help to minimize power usage depending on use.

Three final tips:

  • When it comes the getting your new spa installed you’ll need to allow for a flat, strong surface - your average deck or verandah isn't strong enough to support a filled spa;
  • Think about getting your spa delivered and getting access - we ended up requiring a very large crane to lift it over the garage, which added to the final bill.
  • And finally you’ll need to get an electrician in to check your electrical connections, to check that your wiring to the power point is adequate.

Now, it's time to go relax...

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