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Inspired By Spring

September 16, 2013
Inspired By Spring

Driving home last week, I was lucky enough to see a double rainbow over the cityscape. It really was spectacular. It got me thinking more about where people find inspiration for their home interiors, which in turn prompted me to think about spring and just how inspiring this season can be.

So, here are three things that sing spring to me, as well as some ideas about how to interpret them for your home’s interior.


Pink and green lounge room interior

Nothing says spring more to me than gorgeous, coloured blooms. I remember going to Floriade as a child and being overwhelmed by the endless garden beds of tulips and other stunning flowers. Or later in life when I attended the Spring Racing Carnival and saw those perfectly formed roses – just stunning. Wondering how to renovate your lounge room? Think about your favourite spring flower and apply this to your design and decoration.


Black and yellow interior inspiration

With the stunning spring flora comes the swarm of busy bees collecting nectar for their hives. Ever thought about the colour combination of bees? The contrasting yellow and black stripes make for a visually impactful statement. Perhaps that’s why caution signs are these colours? If yellow and black stripes are too much for your renovation, think about bold single statement pieces in these tones that would in turn create a focal point for a room.

Freshly Cut Lawn

Green Lawn inspired bathroom

I can smell it now! That instantly recognisable scent of freshly cut grass transports me back to my sisters and I playing in our backyard pool whilst Mum walks up and down the garden, meticulously mowing the lawn. The lineal, block patterns look like a checkerboard of mosaic tiles and are the perfect inspiration for a fresh, spring bathroom make over. Try pairing an arrangement of green toned tiles to create that patchwork look, or select a vibrant green glass mosaic tile for a feature wall behind the basin or bath. Alternatively, a dark green background granite with variant shades of lighter greens would look stunning in a bathroom renovation that wants to capture the beauty of a natural ambience.

What reminds you of spring? Could this item or memory inspire your next room renovation?

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