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Total Bathroom Centre in Killara

September 16, 2013
Total Bathroom Centre in Killara

Total Bathroom Centre is based in Killara, New South Wales, and is a specialty bathroom shop which is run by Mary Todarello & Karen Clark, who are Managers/ Directors of Total Bathroom Centre; they have been in the Killara area for the past three years.

Their goal is to help customers renovate their bathrooms, whether it is changing a few taps and fittings to the full makeover. They strive to produce only the best in quality bathrooms that is both aesthetically pleasing and fully functional.

With four dedicated staff in their showroom, the day to day running of Total Bathroom Centre primarily consists of making sure the showroom presents well, all brochures are topped up for customers to browse through and staff working on preparing quotations, serving clients, either existing or new.

Customer Service is a huge part of the Total Bathroom Centre experience, as they strive to help clients realise and create the dream bathrooms on a day to day basis.

With so many creative and innovative designs of bathroom products it can be easy to draw inspiration from them alone, but Mary & Karen are personally inspired by the work of Italian designer Christian Piccolo, Florence architect Maurizio Duranti and architect Roberto e’ Ludovica Palomba.

Washbasin by Christian Piccolo

Above image, the 'Sasso Nero' washbasin by Christian Piccolo for Mastella Design.

When it comes to choosing their favourite product in Total Bathroom Centre, Mary & Karen can’t go past Victoria & Albert Baths and European Tapware, they are also some of their most popular bathroom items that they stock. Mary & Karen love the Victoria & Albert Antibes drop in bath (image below), as it's a luxurious bath that is beautifully deep, accommodates a taller person comfortably and retains its heat and lastly, has a long warranty for a very competitive price.

Victoria   Albert Antibes Bath

Total Bathroom Centres commitment to service is what sets them apart from the competition, they suggest that customers look at what products like and focus on what will suit their home to satisfy function and aesthetics. The team will help you along the way by starting off with some basic questions like, what style is the house currently and do you want to maintain that style? Then the staff will factor in function, who will use the bathroom? Is it for a family with children? Or just for the adults? Once those questions have been answered, the team at Total Bathroom Centre will help you find a bathroom set up for you that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

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