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Adelaide Pressed Metal

September 06, 2013
Adelaide Pressed Metal

Meticulous attention to detail is the first thing that comes to mind upon walking into the Adelaide Pressed Metal showroom. Hundreds of stunning pressed metal designs are on display to feel, touch and see; some of them over 120 years old.

Phil Cooymans, the owner and manager of Adelaide Pressed Metal has worked in the ceiling industry for over 35 years. “Attention to detail, pride in our workmanship and our experience” is what, as Phil proudly says, sets Adelaide Pressed Metal apart from its competitors.

Pressed Metal is a product that is extremely hard to come across in Australia. Its exclusivity means it will add a unique touch to your home. Phil, along with colleagues Michelle and Andrew are on hand to assist with any queries, design ideas and questions at their College Park, South Australian showroom.

The beauty of using Pressed Metal for your new home or renovation, is that it can be used anywhere. From traditional ceilings, cornices and gables to kitchen, bathroom and outdoor BBQ splashbacks, even feature walls and hallway panelling, Pressed Metal is an extremely versatile product. Made from heavy duty but lightweight aluminium, it can be used raw for a modern finish or etch primed to paint.

Inspired by his Plastics teacher at Tech School whilst an apprentice, Phil is extremely passionate about the work he does; he lives and breathes Pressed Metal. “The opportunity to create stunning visual history” is the driving force behind Phil’s work ethic and philosophy. He spends his days visiting clients and job sites, advising on designs, and meeting with architects and interior designers.

Not one to shy away from hard work, Phil recently joined up with the National Trust to restore a 112 year old North Bundaleer Homestead outside of Jamestown. “It was a once in a lifetime 12 month restoration project” said Phil.

The one secret, about choosing a Pressed Metal design that Phil thinks is the most important is to “keep in the era or style of your house. Don’t mix and match too many styles”.

Not that he likes to play favourites, but if he had to choose, Phil’s favourite design is “Newington Pressed Metal; it makes a bold design statement”.

“Fleur Pressed Metal is a very popular product with customers for splashbacks, ceilings, feature walls and gables” said Phil. Fleur is a stunning intricate design featuring a soft flower patterns with squares.

Phil at Adelaide Pressed Metal

Image of Phil in his beautiful Adelaide Pressed Metal showroom

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