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VOLTA Centravac

September 06, 2013
VOLTA Centravac

My VOLTA Centravac Review

I must admit, when we were building our house, the last thing on my mind was how I would clean the home least of all, what vacuum I’d use. To be honest, I just assumed we would pack the old trusted pull around vacuum we had used for what seemed like the last half a dozen years. Thankfully, my partner had other plans.

Given we were building a two story house and were having timber floorboards and a timber staircase, he was keen to use a vacuuming system that not only was very easy to use up and down the stairs but, would be gentle on our flooring. I’d never really had to look into options for vacuuming; we had always just had one. Truth be told, it was not a terrific vacuum but, it did the job.

Once I started to research options, I was actually surprised to see just how many systems were on the market and, the varying range in prices. It was quite overwhelming however, my partner had been recommended, and had also used, ducted vacuuming systems from Volta Centravac. He had very good things to say about these so it seemed like an obvious choice to go with this system.

A ducted vacuum system, sometimes called a built-in vacuum or central vacuum system, is an alternative to the more traditional, portable vacuum cleaners we are familiar with. Generally, whatever system you purchase, you will find it includes four essential components.

Central Power Unit

In the majority of cases, this is installed under the house, in a utility room away from general day to day living rooms or in most cases, the garage. This is where all the dirt and dust is collected.

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This is usually in the form of PVC piping and is installed either under floors or inside walls. The ducting connects the central power unit to the specific inlet valves.

Inlet Valves

These are round valves positioned into your walls much like a power point. They work by connecting the hose and when the hose is switched on, suck the contents from the floor through the ducting to the central power unit. They are strategically positioned throughout the home and the number of outlets you require depends on the size of your home. A general rule is that a 25 square home requires three inlet valves.

Vacuum Cleaning Heads and Hoses

The hose can be a variety of lengths and usually is quite lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. The hose simply connects to one of the inlet valves, just as a powercord goes into a socket. The hose usually comes with a “sock” which slips over the hose. Various attachments and heads for different cleaning needs, usually comes with the system.

The accessories we have are as follows:

  • One outlet in the hallway downstairs – this just sits alongside a power point and is very inoffensive.
  • One outlet in the kitchen kicker with an accompanying plate. Our kickers are stainless steel and we opted for the matching ducted vacuum plate so as to blend in. This outlet is really sensational as you don’t have to connect the hose. You can simply sweep the floors, create a pile in front of the outlet, slide it open and all the dirt gets sucked straight through to the power unit.
  • Two outlets upstairs
  • Three different nozzles for floor, upholstery and an angled, narrowed one that’s great to get into hard to reach places.
  • Hose sock – this is terrific as it prevents scratches on the floor surface and no scuff marks when it hits the corners of the walls.

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I’ve found the ducted vacuuming system incredibly easy to use, powerful and efficient. The hose simply rolls up and hangs in our linen cabinet when not in use and the attachments all fit nicely in a drawer. What’s also impressive given the great suction is the noise level – it does not seem to be as loud as a portable vacuum. However, our central port is installed in the garage so if you’re in there when it’s switched on – it’s quite loud but by no means unbearable.

The price was very competitive and I would have no hesitation in recommending this product.

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