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Bosch Front Loader Washing Machine

August 26, 2013
Bosch Front Loader Washing Machine

A reliable and efficient washing machine is crucial in our household, especially with small children and lots of outdoor activities.
We recently had to replace our washing machine, and after having had the last Bosch washing machine for nearly 8 years, I was keen to see what models were in the range.

The previous model had impressed me with its reliability (and longevity!) but I was hoping for some newer features.

The newer model, the Bosch WAE24272AU Front Loader Washing Machine has the same great build quality of the previous model, and has retained all of the features, plus a few extras.
The machine now comes with variable spin speeds from 400 to 1200 RPM, a wider range than previously.
Bosch have kept my favourite special programs – Easy Iron and the 15 minute express wash, perfect for freshening things up. Also included in this model are the handy pre-wash, intensive, and rinse plus settings.
The Easy Care and Woollens cycles a lot as it saves on hand washing, and the WAE24462AU has these included.

Bosch have once again designed a machine that is both energy and water efficient, scoring 4 stars for each. Both are important to me, for keeping the bills low and looking after the environment (only 71litres per wash).
The machine washes equally well with either powder or liquid detergent, and gets the clothes clean without the wash being too harsh.

The Bosch WAE24272AU Front Loader Washing Machine's only really drawback is the noise – particularly during the spin cycle it really is quite loud, but a tightly closed door does minimise that sound significantly.

I’d definitely recommend this Bosch Washing Machine, and if it lasts as long as our previous unit, I’ll be thrilled.

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