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Zenitherm Hydronic Heating Panels

August 12, 2013
Zenitherm Hydronic Heating Panels

Melbourne winters have a well-deserved reputation for being cold, so heating is considered an essential.

When we were renovating our Melbourne home we evaluated different types of heating.
Our previous home had had ducted gas heating, so this was on the list but we were keen to look at alternatives.

The obvious choices were to get a ducted gas system again, separate split systems in the various zones, but after visiting friends we decided to investigate hydronic heating.

Hydronic heating works by a gas system heating water that is pumped around the house into installed wall panels.

The panels then give off warming heat in each room.

The system is controlled from a central electronic thermostat which allows you to set a target temperature.
Individual panels also have a manual adjustment to regulate the heat in any given room.

The heat from hydronic panels is different from other heating systems – I had found the heat from both ducted and split system a little drying.

The system is efficient and cost effective to run (providing of course that you have access to mains gas).

While our hydronic heating system is perfect for us, a couple of things to consider when evaluating whether its the right system for you are:

  • Cost – the initial upfront cost for the system is definitely higher than other heating systems on the market.
  • Retrofitting – you should speak to an experienced installer to make sure that your home is suited.
  • Panels – this was not an issue for us but, you need to make sure that you have available wall space for the installation of the panels.

The best bit about hydronic heating for me though are the heated towel rails – pure bliss!

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