Jetmaster International Gas Converter 

July 01, 2013
Jetmaster International Gas Converter

When my partner and I purchased our little inner city flat, we were satisfied to find that it came with a wall mounted electric radiator.

Both of us being relatively warm blooded creatures, an expensive heating system wasn’t exactly at the forefront of our minds, especially considering we’d just signed up to a mortgage.

That winter we were happy to find our drab radiator (which owed much of its design to 70s practicality) heated our lounge area quite nicely.

I stopped even bothering to hang my clothes on the line and draped them over ‘old reliable’, where after an hour they would be toasty warm and dry as a bone. Life was good.

However, it wasn’t long before the love affair was over (between us and our heater that is).

Upon receiving an electricity bill that looked as though it was struggling to fit into a standard envelope, it suddenly became clear that ‘old reliable’, was suddenly very unpractical.

Being too afraid to turn our electricity devouring heater back on, we shivered our way through the remainder of winter. Warm blooded indeed. Surely there was a better way?

After visiting a friend’s house who was the proud owner of a gas burner heater, we decided that perhaps this was the better way.

Not wanting to invest in an expensive central heating system, we felt that perhaps an inbuilt gas heater would be the way to go.

Several days later we were the proud new owners of a Jetmaster International Gas Convector.

With the help of a professional, the Jetmaster International Gas Converter was a breeze to install and was warming up our wet towels in no time.

Needless to say, it was an instant hit in the house. The heater takes a fraction of the time to heat up the room when compared to a standard electric heater and uses a fraction of the energy.

Gas is generally a cheaper alternative when it comes to heating your home, so we didn’t have any nasty surprises come bill time.

The Jetmaster International Gas Converter was the perfect way to move on from our 70s inspired radiator. It features an ultra-modern stainless steel face, which instantly brought a touch of class to our room and looks great even when it isn’t turned on.

Everyone loves the idea of having a fireplace in their lounge, so there was no way I was passing up on the option of having my very own faux-fireplace.

The Jetmaster International Gas Converter comes with the options of having coals, glass or pebbles. We chose the coals for that authentic look.

Overall, the purchase of the Jetmaster International Gas Converter was a positive one for us. Although the initial outlay was an investment, the savings in heating and that extra level of aesthetic it has brought to our lounge were well worth the purchase.

I seriously recommend it to anyone who is considering updating their heating system in their house, but doesn’t want to install a complete central heating system.

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