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Green & Gold - but not as you know them

January 13, 2014
Green & Gold - but not as you know them

With Australia day fastly approaching, an abundance of Green and Gold is coming with it. This has unofficially been the colour combo of Australia for decades however it wasn't until 1984 that Green and Gold was officially proclaimed as our national colours. A representation of our landscape, these colours are often waved in a blazing tone of bright green and audacious yellow which is immediately recognized as our patriotic stamp on the world. We wear green and gold boxing kangaroo t-shirts, wave our green and gold flags and even our thongs come in this nationalistic combo, however, It’s not often you see this combination in our interiors.

Green and gold can surprisingly be a very appealing interior colour scheme when done right. Steer away from the bright recognizable Australian tones and head into a jewel palette and you’ll see just how beautiful this combination of hues can be.

Green and Gold Mirror Tiles

A glistening array of Green and Gold in this tiled study nook


Emerald is a truly gorgeous colour. Its deep tones are often mysterious and its ability to reflect and absorb light is reminiscent of the jewel it is named after. Like most jewel tones, Emerald is an elegant and radiant colour that has a luxurious depth to it. Named as Pantones colour of the Year for 2013, its versatility and beauty means it can be used in many applications. Often a colour that represents renewal, regrowth and prosperity, Emerald is the ideal colour for introducing new life into a room. Invest in a short trim velvet sofa in an enriching emerald tone and you’ll see the instant character it brings into your living room. Like any colour scheme, texture is always important so fabrics like velvet, satins, wool and linen will help enhance the richness of your emerald hues.

Modern times artwork


Like Emerald, gold breathes wealth and luxury into every space it touches. The best thing about gold is it’s often found across a various array of mediums. Metallics are constantly reoccurring in homewares, lighting, furniture and artwork making this colour even more accessible. Gold toned pendant lights are a brilliant addition to any room as they combine with light which just enhances its already metallic surface. You can choose to use a brassy gold for an old world effect, go shiny and bright with a glistening tone or use a combination of muted and radiant accents to set off your colour scheme. As Emerald is often quite a deep tone you have the flexibility to go a bit brighter with your golds however a more subdue version can often be more refined and sophisticated.

Gold screen Cane wicker Industries

Gold Palace Garden Lacquer Screen from cane wicker Industries

Green and Gold … and pink

In case you needed another reason to love Jewel Tones, their colour combinations are endless! There is a whole array of these hues and they mostly all work really well together. With all these deep Emeralds and glassy Tanzanite Blues, you may need a lighter colour to brighten the space and Pink Sapphire is the perfect balance. Or as an alternative, if you've opted for light and bright emeralds and blues then a deep ruby red can be injected to add depth and dimension to your space.

Green gold pink chaise lounge living area

Bright golds frame this deep emerald focal point perfectly. The centre Lounge is a delicate combination of the two tones and complimented superbly with Pink Sapphire to complete the look

Jewel Tone Room Emerald Gold Sapphire Interior Design

A very deep emerald velvet has been accented with a gold backing for this decorative chair and throw cushions. The scale of the focal painting is dramatic yet not overwhelming due to the softness and light tone of the Pink Sapphire tone.

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