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Winter Ready Tips

June 07, 2013
Winter Ready Tips

Ok, so you’ve been thinking about how to make your home warm and cosy on the interior this year. Well, don’t overlook the importance of what can be done on the exterior to help create the perfect winter ready home. Some points to help you on your way to achieving this include:

Exterior, Doors and Windows

Be sure to inspect all exterior doors and windows to prevent cold air from leaking in and caulk if necessary. Use appropriate sealants if you discover any leakage. Replace any cracked glass in windows and if you need to replace the entire window, weatherproof the frame with a primer and paint if its timber. Check the window flashing to ensure water will not enter the home. If you have exterior window coverings such as awnings or shutters, be sure they are all fixed well to the building to avoid any problems in heavy winds and rain.

Inspect Roof, Gutters & Downpipes

The last thing you want to be doing is being up on the roof in a torrential down pour to unblock gutters and downpipes from fallen autumn leaves. As such, be sure to thoroughly clean all gutters and spouts whilst the weather is more favourable. Perhaps consider having leaf guards installed to the gutters if this is something you don’t already have. Whilst inspecting the gutters and pipes, cast your eye over the roof for any potential loose or worn roof tiles. Always seek the advice and help of a professional when it comes to such jobs.


Pruning any large trees with overhanging branches over your home may help prevent any possible damage during heavy rains and winds. Furthermore, pruning of trees that are not deciduous will allow the beautiful winter sun to stream through.


If your main source of heat in winter is from a wood fire, be sure to prepare a great stock pile of dry timber. Make sure your woodheap itself is weatherproofed and easily accessed.

Outdoor Living Area

Although these jobs will not assist in helping you create a warm, cosy, interior this winter, they will save you money and time when the summer weather rolls around. Make sure you securely cover any courtyard furniture to protect it from the harsh winter weather. Check that your deck is well sealed and consider another fresh coat if needed.