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Caesarstone® Nougat®

May 20, 2013
Caesarstone® Nougat®

Three years ago when my partner and I were building our home, we spent many an hour researching products and finishes.

Naturally, at times we found some things harder to agree on than others. However, being big “foodies” and loving to cook, one of the items we agreed on pretty quickly was our kitchen benchtops.

We both wanted a quality material that would not only complement our existing product choices, but would also create a focal point to the room given we were incorporating a large island bench in our design.

Caesarstone® seemed like a solid choice.

Created from 93% natural quartz aggregates, organic pigments and enhanced polymer resins, Caesarstone® was promoted to us as a surface that had exceptional properties of heat, stain, scratch and chip resistance. The strength and durability of the quartz was also very appealing.

Once we settled on the material and brand, it now came down to what colour we would choose. The choices available were wide-ranging; you would be hard pressed not to find something you love.

We had chosen spotted gum floorboards and white, gloss, vinyl wrapped cabinet doors. As such, we knew we wanted something that was not too stark, given the white cabinet doors, and something that would complement the colour gradient in the floorboards.

At first, Ice Snow™ seemed like the choice for us. However, I was concerned it may be too crisp for the scale of application. As such, we needed to settle on something that had some more depth and perhaps a touch more colour.

Nougat®, made up of course grained & chunky neutral colour quartz chips, on a white background was the one for us. I should have guessed that straight away with a product name like that! It has a lovely light grey, clear tone to it and looks fantastic in both natural light and artificial.

As far as upkeep and cleaning goes, it’s been very easy.

We simply use a microfiber hand towel to wash it down with warm, lightly soapy, water. On occasions where a glass ring of red wine or a piece of beetroot has been dropped, we use an absorbent paper towel with a light spritz of disinfectant to wipe over it.

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