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The Colours of 2013

March 25, 2013
The Colours of 2013

I have a pair of orange chairs at home that I absolutely love – 1960s, very cool. In my world they are the perfect colour.

Looking through the paint colour forecasts for 2013, I was disappointed to discover that the experts aren’t recommending painting whole walls in my favourite tone.

In fact, Tangerine was Pantone’s 2012 colour of the year in 2012, so I guess that puts me a year behind.

The 1950’s are however big in paint colours. The themes of nostalgia and comfort are influencing what we are painting our walls with – think of the soft pastels of your grandma’s tea set, neapolitan ice cream, all gently faded.

And our love of the beach, comes through in blue paint colours. Both Dulux and Haymes highlighted restful paint palettes in hues of blue. Tinged with turquoise, any painting project using these would surely be relaxing?

In the same way the red of the Australian soil continues to be a style touchpoint for paint - teamed with greens and greys this painting scheme works equally well with modern or heritage buildings.

If you want to be inspired, have a look at the six paint colour palettes Dulux has put together for our painting inspiration, and the four themed paint groupings for livening up our ceiling and walls from Haymes paint.

Pantone has just named Emerald as 2013’s colour of the year, and I’m just thinking how I can get this splash of rich paint colour onto a wall without the orange chairs feeling too out of place.

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