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Australian Designed and Made Furniture

January 23, 2015
Australian Designed and Made Furniture

Being an Australian owned business we are always inspired by furniture that has been designed and made in Australia.

When the first fleet arrived in 1788 cabinet makers and furniture makers alike revelled in the plethora of new timbers and raw materials with which they could ply their trade over the following two centuries. The Australian furniture industry has become synonymous with high quality materials, manufacturing standards and unique products which are built to last generations.

Buying Australian made furniture not only supports local industries and jobs but provides you the opportunity to work with the designer and manufacture to create your perfect piece, be it a lounge, sofa, table or bed for your home.

So go on, do yourself a favour this Australia Day, support a mate and buy something extraordinary.

Reasons to be proud to Buy Australian Made Furniture

  • Talented Australian Furniture Designers that offer unique product

  • High Quality Materials and Manufacturing Standards

  • Supporting the Local Industry and Jobs

  • Discuss your needs with the Maker and customise your tables, chairs, sofas or beds.

  • Committing to the protection of our natural environment by selecting Australian made Furniture produced from sustainable materials.

Some of our favourite Australian Designers with their Furniture

Christian Cole Furniture – Designer and Maker – Christian Cole

Christian Cole Furniture designs and hand makes solid timber tables, chairs, cabinets, shelving and architectural joinery using 100% recycled timber or timber sourced from sustainable commercial plantations. Everything is made in their Melbourne factory. “I absolutely love what I do so when a customer acknowledges the work I have put into their piece I feel great! I have a great relationship with many of my customers because I’ve made them a number of pieces over the years. Most people know what they want and they want it done perfectly. They can’t make it themselves so they have to rely on me. I look after them.” Christian Cole

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Hunt Furniture - Designer - Max Hunt

Here is a craftsman who might come up with an idea in the shower, hurriedly drawing the concept on a fogged-up shower screen before taking it to the sketch pad, to the computer and maybe even to the workshop all in the same day. Keeping the ideas fresh and the process rapid is what keeps Max interested, and Hunt Furniture interesting.

What makes the Hunt Furniture signature stand out is the care, craftsmanship and genuine passion for his brand and business. When you buy one of Max's pieces you really are taking away a piece of their family that has been lovingly considered to suit your lifestyle.

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Bombora – Designer and Maker – Luke Collins (Head Designer)

All Bombora Furniture pieces are created to suit your needs.

Head designer Luke Collins, finds inspiration in classic Nordic furniture, 70′s design, modernist architecture, the beauty of the Victorian Surf Coast as well as the timber itself. Bombora furniture has a simple silhouette, clean lines, joinery detailing, natural finishes, variations in wood grain and timber. Rather than following the latest trends, the timelessness of the design ensures the pieces will always be in style.

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