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AGA Rayburn Wood Fire Stove 300W

July 29, 2013
AGA Rayburn Wood Fire Stove 300W

Recent trends in cooking appliances have seen the introduction of self-cleaning pyrolytic oven technology and induction cooking technology that leaves no residual heat, which are great for the time poor cook who wants something now. But what about the patient cook? The person who knows that things can’t always be rushed, and enjoys taking that bit of extra time and care to produce the best quality products, AGA (pronounced ‘ar-ga’) has the answer for that person.

The AGA Rayburn Wood Fire Stove 300W brings old world charm and functionality to the modern kitchen, with its cast iron construction finished in vitreous enamel, this stove not only looks timeless but will last a lifetime, with a built-in oven and stovetop the AGA Rayburn Wood Fire Stove 300W has everything you need for cooking. The model has 2 stove top spaces and 2 oven spaces to cater for a wide variety of uses, from baking and roasting in the ovens, to sautéing and pan frying your meat on the top burners.

The first thing you need to know about these types of stoves is that they are heavy, around the 500kg mark, and this must be considered when purchasing, as chances are you will either need to reinforce the area it will be installed or design an area strong enough to hold it in place. Designing an area has its benefits as you can utilise the residual heat generated to your advantage.

The cooking performance of the AGA Rayburn Wood Fire Stove 300W is outstanding, but there is a learning curve to mastering this stove, primarily surrounding the size of the fire you need to make. This can lead to frustration in the first few uses, as I experienced, by not getting the oven hot enough and assuming the heat would rise quickly when adding more wood to the fire.

The dish I tried cooking was roasted potatoes in a deep roasting dish, these took a long time (close to 2 hours) to cook to my liking, due to not enough heat in the oven, as it was sitting around 150 degrees, 50 degrees away from the desired 200, they were good, but not great.

The next night I stacked more wood in the oven and made sure the heat was hovering around and above 200, perfect potatoes! Crispy and fluffy, and cooked within the hour! I was very impressed at the quality this oven produced when used properly. I have not tried baking in it yet but I am convinced it should produce a good quality baked good based on the higher moisture levels in this style of oven compared to a conventional oven.

My experience with the AGA Rayburn Wood Fire Stove 300W found that the residual heat produced managed to warm a medium sized room without any assistance from other heat sources. Take this into consideration for the summer months; as residual heat is a big factor when placing the AGA Rayburn.

These types of stoves were originally designed to not only cook but provide a source of heat for the remainder of the house. The AGA Rayburn excels at providing a heat source for the surrounding room, but this needs to be considered when choosing where to place the stove.

The AGA Rayburn Wood Fire Stove 300W is best suited to country homes, or homes that have frequent and ample access to good quality fire wood, as this is how the Rayburn generates heat. It also has the appeal to the self-sustaining lifestyle as it does not rely on external energy sources and only uses what it needs.

While the entry level cost for an AGA Rayburn Wood Fire Stove 300W is high, they provide a beautiful centre piece for any kitchen, allowing you to mix a classic design and look into a modern kitchen. The functionality is amazing, and it is definitely one of the better cooking appliances I have used. Don’t be scared off by the wood-fire aspect as it is something you will grow to love, but AGA do make other models that are powered by conventional electricity or gas for those who want a classic look with modern technology.

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