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Natural Beauty

December 18, 2013
Natural Beauty

One of the biggest trends to emerge in Furniture is one that has been inspired by Nature. Its about being conscious of the natural surroundings and the environment, creating a beautiful home that blends with the landscape and also has a low carbon footprint. Once your dream home has been built, it’s important the energy flows from your front door, through every room in the house, creating a space of tranquility, whilst still enjoying the visual beauty of the outdoors at its best.


Colours should be soft with respect to the precious elements of the earth. Whitewashed walls, soft timber flooring, creatively mixed with pale clays, deeper rusts, all shades of grey and of course whisper whites. If you wish to include a touch of colour this can be added with amazing rugs and mats or beautiful homewares.


There are so many designers today that incorporate sustainable, recycled natural materials in their tables, chairs, beds or even lamps, by using driftwood, recycled timbers or even recycled metals.


Tables, chairs or even beds that have been designed by nature, are less about reshaping wood and more about respecting the timber as a natural element. So you will find many pieces that have the visual effect of its natural form, whilst incorporating modern features that will work in today’s busy households.

The Home Warehouse natural timber coffee table

Nature Driftwood Coffee Table by The Home Warehouse

Ishka Cutout Lantern

Small Cutout Lantern by Ishka

House of Orange   Myles half benches

Myles Half Benches by House of Orange

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