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December 18, 2013

December 2013

Retropia is bringing a touch of Danish authenticity to Melbourne homes. Their showroom is stocked full of iconic Danish designs with authentic pieces from Erik Jorgensen, Hans Olsen and even original Charles Eames furniture. Danish furniture design has shaped the world we live in today. It is the most replicated style of furniture and this is an ode its practicality, impeccable style and craftsmanship. But if you've had enough of the replicas and have a taste for the real, bona fide design, then Retropia in Macaulay St, Williamstown will satisfy your every Danish need. They stock everything from lounges, sofa, arm chairs, footstools, side boards, coffee tables, side tables, lamps, artwork, wall shelfs, ceramics and much more. Their collection is forever changing and forever inspiring.

Retropia Danish couch authentic Enrik Jorgense

An authentic, original 3 Seater Lounge by Enrik Jorgensen - one of the most iconic Danish designers to date

Owned and run by design enthusiast Pia, Retropia was born from the love of her birth country Denmark and her home, Australia. Pia wanted to combine her passion for design, furniture and her interesting heritage “My grandmother and Mother (both Danish) are two very influential ladies in my life, and have been very strong successful business women giving people an experience to remember every time they shopped with them. Both had fashion retail stores in either Denmark and here in Australia. So selling beautiful things and giving excellent service is in my blood, and I can only hope to be like them. I did marry my own Danish Prince (before Mary did!), but I still had the need for Australians to see the amazing furniture that I grew up with. Now that furniture is called Retro, and it has so much warmth and stories to tell."

Retropia Yolk Egg Chair

One of the most recognizable Danish pieces in the world, The Yolk Chair

With that passion behind her, Pia has carefully curated her showroom with authentic Danish pieces, handpicked by herself or close, trusted family members that are still living in Denmark. “My very trustworthy family team and I have had great fun and adventures sourcing Retropia's furniture. Finding hidden treasures in old transport containers under 30 years of dust, or in hidden garages opened up only because the owners were excited about my story of bringing their furniture to Australia” This means all Retropia items are 100% Retro originals, No fakes. No replicas. The real deal! Each piece is pre-loved and has its own individual story and heritage.

Asymmetric Teak Coffee Table

Made in 1960's from Teak and Rosewood, this 3 legged Danish Design is a rare find

Retropia also offers a unique Re-Design service where they use original pieces of furniture ranging from 1800’s – 1970’s and re-design them into special, collectible pieces. Retropia uses a combination of bright colours and fabrics to create a unique and one off piece that no one else will have. This Re-Design service also means they can custom design any piece you purchase into the colours and fabrics that you desire, allowing you to introduce authentic Danish pieces into your home that will suit your existing interior.

Retropia Pia chair

Pia from Retropia perched on an original and authentic Charles Eames "Shell" Dining Chair

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