The Luminous Mind of Daniel Giffin

December 05, 2013
The Luminous Mind of Daniel Giffin

When it comes to designing our perfect interior, sometimes we get swept up in world of fabrics and furniture and forget all about one of the most key features to any successful interior – the lighting! Lighting makes a drastic impact on any room as every colour responds differently to light. This takes lighting to the top of our list for important things to consider. The best thing about lighting is that it can double as artwork! A beautiful sculptural pendant light or unusual floor lamp injects personality into any room as well as creating a feature that serves a purpose. The brilliant mind of Daniel Giffin has made a living out of designing inventive custom lighting pieces that do just that.

The Light Bulb Idea

Daniel began his creative career at a very young age, making his own projects and fixing things in his father’s mechanical workshop. After completing a Bachelor in Industrial Design, Daniel landed various jobs as an industrial designer and started playing around with the laser cutter machinery at work after hours. From here he took the designs he’d been assembling in his head and made them into custom piece for his friends and family. This progressed into a showcasing at Furnitex and further freelancing jobs which in turn landed him a position at Mance Design, a boutique lighting design collective. Daniel was able to work with many talented designers on customized lighting projects and begin to build his portfolio.

Like most of us, Daniel was bitten by the travel bug and jet setted off to Denmark where, after a grueling 4 day interview, he landed himself every Child’s dream job – a concept designer for Lego! Competing against Lego fanatics from around the world for the position, Daniel shone through with his balance of practicality and creativity. This equilibrium is prominent in his design style as his custom lighting pieces are not only creative and innovative, but serve a functional purpose to every room.

Lego to Pino

Once back in Australia, Daniel begun his own business venture and launched Giffin Design – a design firm that creates customized lighting solutions that are handmade in Melbourne and carefully tailored for the clients’ needs. The first profitable piece for Giffin Design was his “Pino Pendant”. This was a commissioned project for Blue Print Furniture who wanted something that reflected their recycled-timber furniture style. By using the offcuts of timber found in their factory, Daniel created the striking round “Pino Pendant” which is still being made for them today. Due to its immense popularity it has been adapted into a long rectangular pendant, a floor lamp, a table lamp and even a wall sconce!

Various Pino Pendants

The popular "Pino Light" created in various sizes to suit different residential or commercial needs.

Pino Floor Lamp Lighting Design

The "Pino Floor Lamp" is sleek yet still organic as the tripod base compliments the slatted shade. Surrounded by more of Giffin Design pieces, "Oko Lamps" in various fun colours.

Some of Giffin Design’s more out there pieces include the “Light to Go” which has been crafted from recycled coffee cup lids and installed in, you guessed it, a café.

Light to Go Cafe Pendant

"Light To Go" constructed from recycled coffee cup lids, brilliant!

This concept of recyclable related products has then been adapted in to a stunning “Wine Cloud” featured in Wine Republic on Brunswick St, Fitzroy. The Wine Cloud comprises dozens of recycled wine bottles that are suspended from a curvaceous ceiling plate and hung at different heights to create a ripple effect. An eye catching installment!

Daniel Giffin Creating Wine Cloud Lighting

Daniel Giffin doing the tedious job of installing the "Wine Cloud".

Giffin Design   Wine Cloud Turned On

The "Wine Cloud" illuminated. Eye catching, practical and innovative.

Giffin Design also does a range of residential work and has crafted some truly elegant home pieces. One of Daniels favorite projects is the “Crystal Ring” design, custom made for a Camberwell residence. The high-ceiling house already boasted two chandelier designs, one an angular and modern gloss black design and the other a traditional and classic piece. The design proposal was for a lighting feature that complimented the Edwardian house and was a balance between the two existing lighting features. The Crystal Ring is a simplistic design that incorporates a large scaled, sleek black ring suspended from the existing Edwardian ceiling rose with 6 traditional cut crystal lights horizontally splayed evenly around the ring. The minimalist mix of contemporary black metal and traditional bulbs is the perfect balance between the two designs.

Crystal Ring Custom Residential Ligthing Design

The "Crystal Ring" chandelier sits beautifully in this contemporary Edwardian style living room. A true testamet to Daniel's understanding of the clients needs.

Crystal Ring   View of Custom Lighting Design

The modern "Crystal Ring" hangs from a traditional Edwardian ceiling rose. A perfect balance of the two design periods.

Daniel is currently busy working on four exciting new products to be sold exclusively through selected stores in Melbourne. He has also available for privately commissioned projects and installations upon request.

Daniel Giffin of Giffin Design

Daniel Giffin, Giffin Designs.