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Creative Table Decorating Ideas

November 06, 2013
Creative Table Decorating Ideas

The Christmas Holiday season will soon be here, it’s all about getting together and celebrating with family and friends, lots of laughter, fun and sharing good food.

We have put together a few of our favourite and simple Dining Table Settings to inspire you and help you create the perfect setting and event.

Fun Floral Dining Tables

Fun Floral Dining Setting

Before you decide on the theme, you need to take into consideration how many people will be attending the dinner party, the ambiance you want to create and of course what food you will be sharing.

Do you have the right size table? How many chairs will you need?

We love the look of using different chairs to the dining table creating that eclectic look and style , so don’t be afraid to mix and match your chairs, even if you have to grab a couple from the outdoor setting. You can always make them more comfortable or colourful by adding some bright throw cushions.

Outdoor Dining Tables

Outdoor Dining Setting

Next, what ambiance do you want to create? Are you having a formal dining party, a family get together, a night in with the girls, a birthday party, or that catch up with your favourite friends that should have happened months ago. You need to decide on your lighting.

There a many options in lighting from overhead lights, table and floor standing lamps, or beautiful candles spread throughout the room and on the table, its all about where you place them. Outdoor candles or lanterns in the trees can also look amazing.

Romantic Dining Settings

Romantic Dining Setting

Now choose the music you want to play throughout the night, think about the ambiance and people, and mix up the genres to suit the theme.

Once you have worked it all out, you can start thinking about colour schemes, and the table decorations that will make your event the talk of the town….here are some of our favourite ideas

Pretty Pastel Dining Table

Pretty Pastel Dining Setting

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