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Mix and Match 

October 11, 2013
Mix and Match

Eclectic Style is one of the few design styles that is open for interpretation. It’s the easy way to define a design that doesn’t fit into any one, recognizable style. It can be packed with furniture or minimalistic, be ultra-modern or warm and rustic, exploding with colour or a simple monochromatic scheme; that’s the beauty of eclecticism!

Eclectic Furniture

The defining design element of eclectic style is that it is a mix of things. A Moroccan rug underneath a traditional carver arm chair positioned at a retro tulip table with a large, modern copper pendant light hanging above would create an unexpected and eclectic combination. The same way a traditional wingback arm chair re-upholstered in hot pink animal print fabric can be the feature piece in an eclectic lounge room.

eclectic chair dare gallery

A traditional chair design upholstered in a surprising fabric

The Eclectic Code

When it comes to creating an eclectic room the key is to find the balance between a stylish mix of unexpected pieces and a chaotic mess! Like any interior, the layering of elements is crucial to making this work. You can combine various colours, textures and patterns to create an assorted look, keeping in mind that even though the elements might be quite different they still have to complement each other.

Glamourous Eclecticism

Some of the most praised Eclectic Style rooms work because they have taken the intention of glamorous design and given it an edgy, eclectic twist. Bursts of citrus colours, warm timbers, sharp blacks and a mix of sentimental treasures is lulled by glamorous metallics, glass and opulent fabrics to create an environment that is liveable and enjoyable but still makes an impact every time you step inside the room.

eclectic glamour couch art lamp table

Moody Eclectic

Another strong theme for an eclectic interior is a moody ambience. Think matte black walls, heavy drapery and a deep, inky sofa. Balance this with warm, orange toned timber accents and a white ceiling so the room is still fresh and inviting. The room may be uncomplicated with a subdue sofa, wire side table and a textured animal hide rug but by creating an offbeat colour scheme that works, the room will be enticing and have an eclectic atmosphere. The charm of designing with an Eclectic fair is its fun, unexpected and has limitless possibilities. Stepping out of winter and into the unpredictable season of spring, an eclectic interior may be just what you need!

moody eclectic masculine interior design chair rug table

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