Amazing Lighting and Lamps

July 31, 2013
Amazing Lighting and Lamps


Hand Crafted Ceramic Lighting and Lamps

After visiting the Decoration and Design trade recently we came across Porcelume, an amazing range of beautiful handmade ceramic light fittings and lamps.

“Dancing Light” is the latest range of handcrafted porcelain lighting and lamps from the extraordinary and very talented ceramicist, architect and musician Colin Hopkins.


Each piece from the series was born on the potter’s wheel, and hand thrown to a point where the porcelain is about to buckle, creating a delicate and intricate form of light. The range has been made by hand with specially formulated porcelain clay, which allows the light to penetrate the hand textured surface. The light that appears is subtle and warm, regardless of the type of globe used and any harshness from fluorescent globes is drastically reduced. Colin’s technique is unique, relying on his highly refined and mastered artisan skills.

Product Range

Each of the hand thrown ceramic pendant lamps comes with hand thrown lamp holder cups and selected timber suspension plates. Each piece is also supplied with lamp holders and all wiring components, ready for installation. Custom shades can also be made to order in a wide variety of clay bodies and sizes.

Colin’s approach to his work is inspiring, he works at the Abbotsford Convent Hard Arts Precinct in Melbourne, drawing daily inspiration from his fellow designers on site, whom all place great value on quality and intelligent craftsmanship which is highly refined.