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A Guide to Natural Rug Materials
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The Best Natural Fibres and Materials For Rugs

July 16, 2020

Firstly – why use rugs or mats in the home? Rugs and mats in the home can be an easy and instant way to add pop, colour and literally warmth to a room. Taking the cold edge off a room is not the only practical role that rugs and mats can play – they can also make a big difference to sound management in the home, helping to absorb noise and echo in rooms. Hand woven mats and rugs have an incredible charm – it’s the often almost imperceptible imperfection of the human weaving technique that gives rugs and mats such personality and authenticity and of course, makes them truly unique.

Woollen Carpet


Woollen rugs and mats are of course a traditional favourite – wool is such a resilient, pleasurable, warm natural fibre that it is just perfect when woven into a mat or a rug. It’s also an extremely versatile material, as it can be spun into many different textures -from coarse, natural feeling fibers to colourful felts. It is also a very insulating material, perfect for guarding against cold draughts and hot days. l

Image via Design Milk


Cotton rugs are a fantastic, versatile option. Cotton is dyed easily, so comes in an array of colours and patterns. It’s lightweight and relatively inexpensive, giving you the option to find something to exactly suit the room you’re placing it in.

Image via Home Polish

Jute and Sisal

Jute is making a serious comeback, not only in furniture and interiors, but also in fashion. Jute and Sisal are both environmentally friendly plant-based fibres, so are great for those trying to watch their environmental impact, or for vegans. They’ve both got a gorgeous natural, boho vibe, and their neutral colours are perfect for adding into a variety of colour palettes.

Image via Dezeen

Animal Hide

Another resurgence in the interior world is animal skins. From Hygge-inducing reindeer skins to luxe sheep skins, there’s an animal skin for every look.

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Written by Elizabeth den Dulk.