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Buy Light Fittings Online at House of Home

Designers know how important the right lighting is to achieve the look and feel of a comfortable, nicely appointed home. Choosing the right light fitting is the first step of creating the warm ambience of a well lit home. We’ve compiled this quick guide to help you identify the right type of light fitting for the right application.

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Pendant Lighting

Pendant Light fittings are extremely popular lighting option. Depending on their design, a pedant light can either be used as ambient or directional lighting in a room. Interior designers use pendants to create a focal point in a room. Pendants can work well hung in singly or in a group. Pendant lights come in such a huge variety of styles and variations, so suit the majority of interior styles. Hanging a pendant will often create eye-catching shadows, adding to their impact & interest.


Chandeliers can add class, colour and above all, masses of light to a room. Chandeliers are for those of us who feel that a pendant light just won’t have enough impact! Often people think of crystals & traditional lighting design, but there are now contemporary chandeliers and much more modern hanging chandeliers available.

Wall Lights & Wall Sconces

Indoor wall lights have lots of applications in lighting design. Used in a bedroom, bedside wall lights offer the perfect task light for reading, without flooding the room with light; in hallways, wall mounted lights used in either an up-light or down-light position can help to define the path; wall mounted lights either side of a fireplace create ambience in a living room… the interior lighting design uses for wall mounted sconces are many.

Flush Lights

Flush Ceiling Mounted Lights are the perfect option for rooms with low ceiling heights and smaller spaces such as toilets and bathrooms. To install a flush mount lights, a plaster ceiling is required with cavity above. In the room, flush ceiling lights sit level with the ceiling.


Installing a downlight is one of the most popular lighting choices on the market. downlights are an extremely versatile lighting option. LED downlights are most common due to their long life and low running costs. An LED downlight is available is a choice of colour temperature – cool lighting is the blue toned lighting more like a fluorescent globe whereas a warm colour temperature LED downlight will create that warm golden glow of traditional light globes.

Track Lights

Track lighting is most commonly used on ceilings, although it can be installed on walls as well. Spot lights are installed on the track, and depending on how you position and direct them, track lighting can either be used for ambient lighting in a space or to create focal points, or accent art.

Stair Lights

Stair Lights are especially designed to provide lighting at ground level on stairs while being unobtrusive. It means that you can create atmospheric lighting without compromising safety on the stairs.

Interior Spotlights

You get to choose what to illuminate when using a Spotlight. Spot lights can be wall mounted or mounted on a lighting track, but all spotlights are directional and can be angled to focus their light onto the area of the room you want to highlight.

Children’s Lights

Lots of kids are afraid of the dark, so when choosing kids bedroom lights, its important to think if it will make a good night light. Child lights come in lots of different shapes – star night light, cloud night light or an owl night light. Choose a light for kids that is a friendly shape and gives off low light making it easy for the little one to go off to sleep.

LED Strip Lighting

LED strip lighting is an ideal option for those looking for concealed lighting. Illuminate your cupboards, jewellery, clothes racks… the list is endless. LED strip lighting type of light that is made up of a series of LEDs in a strip.

Picture Lights

Why hang a beautiful piece of art if you’re not going to be able to see it? Picture lights will illuminate your artwork and make it the feature it deserves to be. Picture lights attach to the frame or the wall and are available in various lengths and finishes.

Sensor Lights

Sensor Lights will keep your hallways, and any spaces used commonly in the dark light as soon as you walk in. There will be no need to trip over yesterday’s shopping in the hallway on the way to the bathroom with Sensor Lights!

Vanity Lights

Vanity lighting sits above your bathroom mirror and helps to get rid of any shadows that come from the overhead lighting. Without a vanity light, its harder to get a clear reflection, and you might put on too much make-up, or not enough!