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Thyme and Lemon Tonic | Easy Spring Cocktail Recipes
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Lemon and Thyme G&T Cocktail Recipe

October 01, 2020
Lemon and Thyme G&T Cocktail Recipe

This is an easy and refreshing twist on a gin and tonic that happens to be very drinkable.

Whilst we all love a G&T, it’s not exactly the most awe-inspiring drink to serve guests at a party. Adding a twist to your gin and tonic is the perfect way to serve an easy crowd pleaser. We love this Lemon and Thyme G&T for its bitter, herby notes that accentuate the botanicals in the gin. Use a herby, savoury gin, and make sure your soft drinks are high quality. Fresh thyme is also essential to ensure the thyme flavouring is fresh and vibrant, released from the oils of the leaves, and not musty and off-putting as is often dried thyme.

Time sensitive? Pre-prepare the thyme sprigs pre-batch the cocktail in a large pitcher or punch bowl, and voila, when guests arrive you need only pour over ice!


Recipe: Lemon & Thyme G&T

Serves: 1 Cocktail (Simply multiply the mounts to serve in large quantities)


  • 30-45ml Quality Craft Gin
  • 90ml Dry Lemon
  • 90ml Tonic
  • Sprig of Fresh Thyme
  • Thin Slice of Lemon
  • 1-2 Large Ice Blocks


  1. Add ice blocks to a whisky or high-ball glass
  2. Pour over your shot of gin, 30ml for the drivers, 45ml for the brave of heart
  3. Add in your soft drinks.
  4. Take a few thyme leaves, and rub them around the rim of the glass to release the oils
  5. Add the sprig of thyme and the lemon slice
  6. Enjoy!

We hope you found this recipe helpful. If you are ready to start making cocktails like a pro, then be sure to check out our bar products range.

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