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6 Kitchen Enhancements For Renters
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6 Kitchen Enhancements For Renters 

December 05, 2020

Are you currently renting your house and don’t have a landlord who’s keen on you making any improvements to the interior? Are you wanting to spruce up your kitchen without breaking the budget or, jeopardising your rental tenancy agreement? We’ve compiled seven simple and creative tips that will not only make your house feel like your home, it will also keep your landlord happy.

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Shine A New Light On The Kitchen

This is a super simple tip but, one that makes a huge impact on the kitchen in terms of the aesthetics and the functioning of the kitchen’s space. Simply update the lighting in the kitchen by hanging a new pendant light in the kitchen’s ceiling. Depending on the style of kitchen you have, you can really enhance the look and feel by selecting the perfect pendant light. Be it industrial, traditional, modern or coastal, there is a pendant light option that suits all tastes and design styles. As always, be sure to seek professional assistance from a qualified electrician when altering your lights.

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Removable Wallpaper Feature Wall

For the perfect rental kitchen makeover, nothing can be more impressive than a removable wallpaper feature wall. The hardest part about this idea is trying to narrow your choice down to just one image! Are you wanting a photographic landscape, a nighttime cityscape, a beautiful country garden, a tranquil flowing river, typography, a map, something of personal significance…whatever the choice, it’s a wonderful and relatively easy, idea to update your kitchen.

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Lay A Rug

Is the rental kitchen floor looking a bit tired and uninspiring? Simply lay a lovely rug that will not only add colour and interest to the space, but cleverly cover up the dullest of kitchen floors. If your rental kitchen is on the small side, think about selecting a rug with some stripes. This will help make the kitchen appear longer or wider (depending on direction of stripes) and as such, seem more spacious.

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Remove Doors Off Kitchen Cabinets

Are you renting a home that has kitchen cupboard doors that are looking more shabby than they are shabby-chic? Do they have old, peeling laminate or are they just a colour that’s not your cup of tea? Well, this is a really simple and stylish solution that’s not only inexpensive but, instantaneous. What’s required? All you need is a screw driver to remove some of the doors and voila, you have gorgeous open shelves where you can now bring some colour and life to the kitchen with a display of your favourite glassware, crockery, cooking books or vase collection.

Kitchen Cupboard Hardware

So, you can live with your rental kitchen’s cupboard doors but, the kitchen cabinet door hardware need an update! Easy, simply unscrew them and replace with gorgeous new knobs, pulls or handles. Just keep in mind you won’t be able to drill into the cabinets doors so make sure you can easily retrofit the newly purchased hardware.

Add Some Some Greenery To Your Rental Kitchen

Nothing lifts a space more than a touch of greenery! Be it in the form of herbs, pot plants or a vase of freshly picked flowers – adding some beautiful greenery will bring your rental kitchen to life! If your landlord allows nails in the walls, consider turning one of your kitchen walls into a living, vertical garden. This works particularity well for herbs as not only is the aroma and foliage lovely – it’s perfect access for the chef of the house!

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We hope these six tips have inspired you to transform your rental kitchen into a space that you love to come home to and are inspired to cook in!

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