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Creating A Green Home

September 12, 2020

The loveliest way to instantly bring life to an interior space is to incorporate plants and flowers into your design. Don’t be limited by the traditional ways plants have been displayed in homes in the past. Pot plants are lovely but to inject further personality into your interior think outside the square and, have some fun. We’ve captured some of our favourite ways to incorporate mother nature into the home.

Dining Room Vertical Garden

This has been trending for a little while now but, there is a reason why indoor vertical gardens are not just a fad. Indoor vertical gardens are a striking feature for your space. They instantly create a focal point and what’s more, a terrific conversation starter. Indoor vertical gardens are a relatively inexpensive way to achieve a look that is breathtaking. Your only limited by your imagination in terms of the way you display the garden. Consider textures and colours, do you want obvious layers or more of an eclectic placement? Consider using realistic looking faux-plants, as they require half the maintenance, but give the same full, rich effect.

Kitchen Herb Garden

The addition of a herb garden is not only a striking feature for your kitchen but, also very convenient for delicious flavoured cooking and 24/7 room aromas! If bench space is a premium, try potting old tea tins with different herbs and preferably place them in a sunny warm position. Benchspace tight? No problems, grab a sill-side planter box and turn your window sill into a gorgeous cascading installation of herbs.

Kitchen Herb Garden

Eclectic Display Of Pot Plants

Pot plants in any room in the home are always going to be a winner. Rather than just having one or two here and there, think about creating a beautiful eclectic display of several types together. Think about the height and form of the plant and consider varying the height with different plant stands and columns.

Hanging Plants In The Bathroom

Don’t forget to look up when deciding on how you will display your plants at home. One of our all time favourites is to have hanging plants in the bathroom. The humidity and warmth of a bathroom are perfect for hanging plants like ferns and lillies. Plants that naturally cascade as they grow are a particularly perfect choice for this kind of indoor plant display. Just be sure your hook in the ceiling can adequately hold the weight of the plant and pot when hung. The last thing you want is to wake up in the morning to a smashed pot plant and soil spread all over the floor. Trust us – this can happen!

Freshly Cut Flowers For The Home

A simple, beautiful bunch of freshly cut flowers popped into one of your favourite vases is a lovely way to add some life and colour to your interior. Think about taking one stem from the bunch and placing it in a smaller vase or vessel and display this on either your bathroom vanity benchtop or bedside table.

Vases of flowers for the home

Terrarium Gardens

Looking for a fun weekend project for yourself and the kids? Creating your very own miniature terrarium garden is a terrific way spend a few hours of the day. The great thing about this is you can customise each one to your liking by incorporating plants you love and perhaps even little trinkets like miniature toy figurines, a small sign, some gorgeous rocks, collected shells etc.

We hope these ideas have given you some good thoughts as to how you may be able to incorporate some greenery and life into your space and, good luck! If you are ready to start building your indoor garden, then be sure to check out our gardening products.

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