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How to Measure a Chair | Measuring Chairs When Buying Online
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How to Measure Chairs

January 30, 2020

You might need to measure a chair to have it reupholstered, to establish if you want to buy it, or to list it to be sold. Either way, use our tips to ensure you take accurate measurements.

Measure your Dining or Lounge Chairs

When you’re measuring chairs for a dining table, you really need the table measurements as well. Ideally, you want to be able to try sitting at the table or a table of a comparable size to make sure that it’s comfortable for you. But if you can’t do this at home, taking careful measurements is the next best thing you can do.

If you are taking measurements for a kitchen or dining room chair, take a tape measure and measure the:

  1. Height

  2. Seat Width

  3. Seat Diagonal

  4. Seat Height (if upholstered)

Reupholstered Lounge Chairs

If you’re having your chair professionally reupholstered, it’s a good idea to take your own measurements before you take your furniture to be covered so that you have an idea of how much fabric should be roughly required. When it comes to taking the exact measurements, this should be done by the professionals.

Using a tape measure, follow these steps to take measurements for an upholstered chair – an armchair or accent chair:

  1. Remove the seat cushion from the chair, if possible. Measure the length of the seat cushion as well as the height or thickness of the cushion.

  2. Measure around a chair arm starting at the outside and continue across the arm to the point where the arm fabric ends (ie the inside of the chair).

  3. Measure the width of the chair arm along the front (across the widest point).

  4. Measure the height of the back from the top of the chair to the seat of the chair.

  5. Measure the height of the chair along the front from the lowest portion of upholstered surface up toward where it meets the cushion.

Getting ready to buy or sell an armchair, accent chair or dining chair or kitchen chair? Take the guesswork out of the preparation, check out our Furniture Buying Guides. At House of Home we’ve got the best tips on how to buy or sell chairs.

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