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Fireplace accessories – you will be ‘stoked’ with our range!

Fireplace accessories can be fashionable too!

Sometimes, the purchase of your stylish new fireplace to warm your home isn’t enough. Sure, it’s an attractive, timeless and traditional addition to your space that will pique the attention of any guest, but depending on the fireplace unit you opt for, you may require additional accessories and add-ons to be able to effectively use your new heater.

Here at House of Home, we stock a diverse range of fireplace accessories from suppliers and retailers Australia-wide, to simplify the task of picking and choosing the options that will truly make your fireplace shine, as well as adding even more aesthetic beauty to your space.

Wood-fire fireplace accessories

If you’ve opted for a traditional wood fire, you clearly love nothing more than the idea of cosying up with a good book and a glass of wine on your comfy sofa in the presence of a roaring fire of crackling wood. In terms of fireplace accessories, a wood fire is the model of fireplace you will require the most additional accessories for.

Primarily, you will need a solid, top-quality fire poker to stoke your raging fire until late into the night.

There are also some additional extras you may not have considered. Your wood supply will need to be transported into your home, and potentially upstairs, depending on where your new fireplace is situated.

A solid steel truck firewood stand comes equipped with wheels to make transportation a breeze, but can also be stored for easy access to your stack of fresh, dry wood. If stylish simplicity is key for you, we also have a range of beautiful firewood stands in varying degrees of design to suit your home decor.

Additionally, we showcase a range of carbon-neutral firewood briquettes and wood fire boosters to transform your space into a makeshift log cabin in no time.

Additional extras

If you’ve opted for the simple gas or electric fireplace or similar, we also house a range of suppliers that will make any optional add-ons easy to find – from remote controls to heat-resistant paints to give your fireplace or its accessories a facelift.

At House of Home, we pride ourselves on our ability to match your fireplace accessory needs with the best retailers and suppliers for your fireplace needs all over the country. Australia’s frosty winter months will now be a joy to endure!

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