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Finding the perfect cooktop can be a grueling task.

You have to consider many important factors in cookware in order to find a practical cooktop that suits your kitchen style.

Cooktops have a consistent high quality of cooking performance and the ability to handle low and high temperature cooking.

In the past they have been seen as a less stylish aspect of your kitchen but nowadays cooktops come with stainless steel, glass or enamel surfaces and if you make the right choice they can compliment your whole kitchen design.

When buying a cooktop your choice will depend on a few key factors, some of these including:

  • Burner Layout – the amount of burners available and the varying levels of heat
  • Cleaning – should be easy to clean the surface in order to avoid permanent stains or marks
  • Controls – understandable controls that are easy to use, so that you can focus onb cooking
  • Surface – should be tough and durable and a flat surface will maximize the cooking space and conduction of heat
  • Design – find a design that fits with your kitchen and is practical

There are three common types of cooktops;

Electric Cooktops

Electric Cooktops are the most common and has been popular style for a long period of time. It’s generally less expensive and provides a good level of cooking performance.

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Gas Cooktops

Gas-powered cooktops are extremely easy to clean, some have sealed burners to stop food from collecting underneath the burners whilst others are made with easily removable knobs, burner bowls and cookware supports for cleaning.

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Induction Cooktops

Are said to be top of the range with the highest quality of heat conductivity, they are also known to be very energy-efficient.

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Ceramic Cooktops

Ceramic cooktops work thanks to heating elements underneath the glass surface which heat the selected cooking zone

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Cooktops with Grills

These are essentially all the same characteristics as a regular cooktop along with the added benefit of a grill. They create significantly better taste, texture and quality of cooking and cooktops with grills make defrosting and reheating food quick and easy.

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Whatever your kitchen style, there will be a cooktop model to fit your needs.