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Designer furniture without the price tag- how Zing Furniture is nailing the brief

June 27, 2018
Designer furniture without the price tag- how Zing Furniture is nailing the brief

At House of Home we are lucky to work with lots of different business owners from around the country, but when we talked to Ben from Zing Furniture, it was no surprise to learn that his business was based in Wagga Wagga – his natural friendliness and openness gave away his regional location.


Image via Sapphire Living

Ben grew up around Wagga and did his apprenticeship locally. He learned his trade of furniture-making working in solid timber, and using exotic hardwoods. Ben explained that making a custom piece of furniture is a long process, and as a result the price tag can be beyond the reach or inclination of some people.

Rather than be put off by his craft, Ben saw an opportunity to utilise his craftsmanship. Instead of using solid wood, Ben decided to use a variety of different materials, including laminates and veneers.


Image via Sapphire Living

As Ben explains it,

“We create furniture that sits in the middle. It’s much better quality than the $700 piece that you can pick up at a big box store, but won’t cost the $4000 of the solid wood, fully custom built version.”

Zing’s sweet spot is to build beautiful furniture – crafted with the same integrity and skill that people apply to solid wood pieces, fitted with quality hardware, but built with laminates.

This formula works very well for customers- Ben is shipping pieces all over Australia, with Sydney and Melbourne being his biggest markets.


Image via My Little Empire

Ben is investing in keeping the business growing and has a very savvy collaboration with My Little Empire – Lauren Silvaria & her husband Mika.

Lauren and Mika are Melbourne based Interior Designers with a solid portfolio of design and styling. They worked with Ben to come up with a range of furniture designed by them, and made by Zing that they will use in their projects, and will also be available for purchase directly through Zing.


The resulting range, called Onyx & Blanc features American oak with a choice of black or white trim. The pieces walk the line between on-trend and timeless. The American oak veneer panelling creates a fascinating pattern, which contrasts beautifully against the solid colour pieces. The Onyx range, trimmed in black has an edgier feel, while the Blanc range, trimmed in white is more relaxed and breezier.


“Collaborations are a great way for us to grow our business” explains Ben. “We love working with designers and creating new products that fit their aesthetic brief.

Creating collections rather than one offs, gives us the chance to share these great designs with more people.”

So, get your hands on the Onyx & Blanc range, or watch this space for more exciting collaborations coming up with both Sydney & Brisbane based designers.


We hope you found this article helpful. If you are ready to start collecting beautifully designed pieces, then be sure to check out our range of Zing Furniture.

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