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Wireless Home Sound Systems

July 28, 2016
Wireless Home Sound Systems

What’s the first thing you do when you get home? For me it’s turning on the lights and putting the kettle to boil. But for my husband, getting some music playing is definitely a very close third, if not priority one or two.

The other day after a particularly crazy dance session with the kids, it struck me that having music playing in the house really did change the way home felt.

But you know what – listening to music currently is just not as straightforward as I want it to be. What are you talking about, I hear you ask?

Well let me explain. We still have a CD collection (yes I’m definitely over the age of 30), we have a turntable because we still love vinyl, we have music that we diligently loaded onto i-Tunes, then we’ve got Spotify, and we still also enjoy radio (go RRR and PBS).

What’s wrong with this? Nothing per se. Except we appreciate music that sounds great, so laptop speakers, iPhone speakers, etc. don’t cut it. And because there’s four of us, there’s also four (usually differing) opinions on what should be played. Maybe it’s bad of me to say it, but the Ninjago soundtrack that the five year old loves isn’t my first choice…so simply turning the speakers up isn’t my preferred option to get music playing in every room of the house.

And it got me wondering, what are the options for getting music around the house into different rooms and spaces, without having to set up a “stereo” in each space, and have wires running everywhere?

How to choose a wireless home sound system

So I started researching. The good news is there are options. My personal criteria went like this:

  • Does the music quality sound great?

  • Can we still listen to the music we’ve got?

  • Is it easy to set up?

  • Is it easy to use?

  • Can we listen to the same song all over the house at the same time?

  • Does it run on wireless?

  • And what’s the investment? Preferably I was looking for something where I could build and extend over time.

Here’s where I landed: Sonos.

Why Sonos as a Sound System?

Why? OK – so to begin with, marketing material explained it all in language I could understand, and it looked sleek. But then when my Play:1 arrived, I just loved it. Downloading the free controller app onto my iPhone was simple; setting up and connecting to our wi-fi network was a breeze, as was adding in our music streaming services. I used the Trueplay function to tune the speakers so that the music sounded clear and immersive, even when sitting on the stone benchtop in the kitchen (where it looked particularly stylish).

But the best bit was watching the five year old take control and play his music. He found the iPhone app incredibly easy to operate (always a good sign). And when the Ninjago song began to wear me out in the kitchen, I unplugged the speaker and took it down to his room. So easy and so portable. Suddenly we needed two. Having Sonos in the house has meant that we’ve been able to have adult and kid music going at the same time from the same device, but separately, without a mass of extra wires, or bulky hardware. And they look great.

The house feels that little bit more connected with great sounding music coming from all corners.

Interested in knowing more? Read our article on choosing between Wi-Fi & Bluetooth speakers.

We hope you found this article helpful. If you are ready to start building your wishlist, then be sure and check out our Sonos speaker range.

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