5 Winter Warmer Bedroom Trends

June 11, 2015
5 Winter Warmer Bedroom Trends

With this cold weather starting to set in, there is still time to create a beautiful bedroom retreat that will keep you inspired, and more importantly cosy, all season long. We look at five bedroom additions that are proving to be popular this season and, aren't to difficult to incorporate into your bedroom's design before the winter weather really sets in.

1. Luxurious Bedheads

A luxurious bedhead can be the focal point to a bedroom and in turn, can help create any desired atmosphere. By including a bedhead that is rich in texture like velvet or linen, you can instantly create a mood in your bedroom that is inviting and warming. Think moody black, dark chocolates, royal blues and tones of coffee caramel to evoke emotions of comfort and tranquility on a cold winter's day.

2. Natural Linen Bedding

Whether you're snuggling up in bed reading a book or having a well-deserved Sunday sleep-in, a natural linen doona cover and pillowslip set will improve it! With a 500 thread count, this quilt set feels amazing to touch and sleep in, and only gets softer with each use. Best of all, this quilt set can be used all year round! It's cool and fresh in summer, and just as cosy and warm in winter. Skin friendly all year round, linen contributes to a tight, refreshing and luxurious sleep.

3. Timber Bedroom Suites

Add warmth and a touch of the outdoors in with the timeless addition of timber bedroom furniture. From beds to bedside tables or tallboys, what ever the furniture type, selecting an item made from timber is a popular choice this season. The beauty of timber is that every piece is unique and the range of varieties, grains and colours means that you can select a style to suit your individual bedroom design. Whether it's sleek and sophisticated, rustic and charming or bold and impactful, a timber bedroom suite is a one-of-a kind addition to your room.

4. Textured Rugs

The thought of having to get out from under your beautiful feather down doona on a cold morning is not at all appealing. However, with the inclusion of a textured rug to take the the chill off your floor, it would make it that slightly bit more tolerable. Popular additions to your bedroom this season are animal-hide rugs of all colours and shapes. Anything with warm, inviting texture like shag pile is a terrific addition and by adding a splash of block colour, or a vibrant pattern like a stunning tribal rug, can go a long way in bringing some lightness to your room on a dark winters day.

5. Relaxing Armchairs & Colourful Throws

If your bedroom allows it, finding some space to have a relaxing armchair and ottoman or footstool makes for a very welcoming bedroom retreat this winter. Whatever style or colour of your choice, the simple addition of the chair and a footstool encourages you to use the space as a tranquil hideaway.

Be it draped over your armchair, spread out on your bed or folded in your blanket chest ready for a cold snap, a throw is the perfect addition to your bedroom this winter. Be it block colour, multiple colours, stripes or patterns, a throw made from wool, cashmere or heavy cotton will keep you toastie all day long.

We hope these winter warming trends have inspired you to find the perfect bedroom addition for your space this season.

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