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Introducing New Exclusive Throw Blanket Collection.

April 28, 2016
Introducing New Exclusive Throw Blanket Collection.

Introducing House of Home's Exclusive Otto and Spike Throw Blanket Collection.

House of Home are excited to announce that we have teamed up with Melbourne based knitwear company Otto and Spike to create our very own exclusive collection of beautiful throw blankets - just in time for winter!

Warm, toasty and totally on trend, the collection includes three different designs all with a nod to the Nordic or the Navajo. Made using beautiful pure lamb’s wool or extra-fine Merino wool from Australia, these warm and cuddly winter essentials add colour and softness to the bedroom or living room, making them the perfect finishing touch!

Daedaleous Throw Otto and Spike


Made of premium extra fine Merino wool and reminiscent of Scandinavian floral motif, black Daedaleous leaves float softly a top a natural wheat coloured back drop. This throw brings a beautiful organic, natural quality to any space but is perfect for the bedroom or living area.

Mizzle Throw Otto   Spike


Made of premium extra fine Merino wool, Mizzle is inspired by the ultra-warm Nordic sweater with a familiar retro aesthetic of winters gone by. A motif that remains timeless and a colour palette that encompasses fresh shades of peacock and aqua marle along with a bold banding of indigo and charcoal. This throw balances colour and pattern to create a stunning home accent that's perfect for the bedroom or living area.

Starburst Throw Otto and Spike


Made of premium extra fine Merino wool, our Starburst boasts a bold geometric graphic in a trio of colour blocked hues including indigo, charcoal and grey marle. This punchy Navajo inspired design stands out from the crowd making it an eye catching statement piece that's perfect for the bedroom or living area.

Otto and Spike Starburst Throw Blanket

Otto and Spike is as much about a place as a product. They have been knitting in Brunswick (an inner suburb of Melbourne) for the last 40 years.

Back when they first started knitting, good ol’ Brunnie was the centre of Melbourne’s textile industry. Nowadays things have changed hardly anyone knits in Australia. Companies chasing cheaper prices moved their production overseas but Otto and Spike are still here, designing and producing fine knitted goods.

Otto and Spike are passionate about making well made, well-designed products, using beautiful pure lambs wool or luxury Merino wool. What they make consumes very little. This is because most of the yarn and wool used is surplus from an industry that has gradually disappeared from our country. Seems pretty crazy since Australia produces some of the finest wool in the world.

As well as taking great care with their choices of yarn, each of their machines has a special role in the making and creating of their knitted pieces. Otto and Spike also have an amazing collection of knitting machinery, enough to document the last century of knitted history!