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How to Create the Ultimate Moody Boudoir | Winter Bedroom Trends for 2018 

May 17, 2018
How to Create the Ultimate Moody Boudoir | Winter Bedroom Trends for 2018

Embrace black and play with textures – how to incorporate this season’s trends into your winter bedroom.

As our wardrobe shifts from summer linen to woolen coats, so too do our homes. To ensure our bedrooms are as on-trend as our new woollen coats, we’ve partnered with edgy home specialists Sanctuary Studios and their favourite designer, Leah Hallis from Create Expectations, to unravel the top 2018 winter trends to incorporate into your bedroom.

“Your bedroom should be a luscious sanctuary. An escape from every other part of our busy lives.”- Sanctuary Studios

Melbourne based Sanctuary Studios works with artists and makers to design homewares with the ethos that your home is your sanctuary, and we can’t think of a more fitting theme for winter bedroom décor. Read through our picks for 2018 Winter Bedroom Trends, although be careful: you may never want to leave your room again!

Lilac turns to Plum

The pantone colour of the year drives this winter’s palettes, albeit in its warmer and moodier form. The cool purple mimics the frosty outdoors, with warm tones keeping the room uplifted.

Winter Bedroom Trends 2018 | House of Home | Plums

Shop the look: Clockwise from top left Mt Metric Glass Wall Art $799, Oriel Lighting Pendant in Bronze Purple $42.90, Sanctuary Studios Dark Guava Cushion $55, ZOHA Bone Inlay Stool $300, Sanctuary Studios Dark Guava Robe $95, Wingman Arm Chair in Dusty Rose $1,299

“For our winter range we wanted to create a colour palette that would be moody, yet uplifting for time spent lounging indoors.” – Anne

Leah pairs the Sanctuary Studios Dark Guava cushion and robe with the Wingman Arm Chair in Dusty Rose, to bring out the warmth and blush tones in Sanctuary’s violet range.

Moody black- and a ray of light

Whilst we adore donning ourselves from head-to-toe in black, it’s rarer that we transfer this to our interior sensibilities. Dark tones and black in particular bring out the structure of a room – fantastic in winter for alluding to a sense of cosiness or hiding from the wild and woolly outside.

Winter Bedroom Trends 2018 | House of Home | Black

Shop the look: Clockwise from top left Exquisite Natural Cow Hide $690, Sanctuary Studios Skulls & Roses Bed Set $310, Helum Floor Lamp - Marble Base $184.95, Hcl Caleb Bedside in Black $597, 6 Drawer Chest in Eye Design $3,299

“Moving away from blondes and blushes this winter and embracing black as the base colour overlaid with warm murky tones such as olives, ochre, navy and purples whilst still retaining the occasional pastel piece for femininity and softness.” - Leah

Keep a sense of openness and warmth by incorporating splashes of light and pastels. Leah suggests placing statement lamps alongside a black rug, or try matching a black bedside table with Sanctuary Studio’s grey quilt.

Velvet Dreams

Sanctuary Studios enhances feelings of warmth and cosiness by embracing luscious velvet and cotton textures. The 2018 texture of the year has to be velvet. No longer the mainstay of tacky 80s track pants, velvet has returned with a vengeance, adding a luxe feel to rich, colour-led rooms.

Winter Bedroom Trends 2018 | House of Home | Velvet

Shop the look: Clockwise from top left Sanctuary Studios Black Velvet Cushion $62, Pintuck Velvet Cushion in Pink and Teal $99, Sanctuary Studios Botanic Cushion $46, Replica Jeremy Pyles Aurora Pendant Lamp $145.50, Sh Lotus Velvet Bedhead in Pale Pink $599, H Skjalm P. Flower Pot in Matt Brass $99, Chloe Ottoman in Grey Velvet $239

“Plums and pinks sit against black and dusty lilacs and fabrics of soft velvets and brushed cottons add to the warmth of this winter range” - Anne

Pair rich materials like this black cushion with metallic accents to enhance the sense of luxury and contrast soft and cool textures.

Artful textures

Whilst increasing feelings of cosiness, utilising dark hues can also swallow up a room. Leah points out that you can make use of different materials to create focal points in the decor.

Winter Bedroom Trends 2018 | House of Home | Texture

Shop the look: Clockwise from top left Italian Textures Wallpaper $189.90, ZOHA Canvas with Bone Inlay Stool $499, Floating Leaves Transparent Print 09 $50, Black Mongolian Sheepskin Hide $189, Floating Leaves Transparent Print 03 $50

Textures on walls and patterns in key furniture pieces create depth and interest.”- Leah

Play with textures in your bedding, and décor, utilising materials like bone, sheepskin and greenery. Try placing textured wallpaper near statement furniture pieces to compare and contrast the uniqueness of both.

The Takeaway - How to create the ultimate winter bedroom look.

If summer was all about bright colours, white linen, and light-filled rooms, winter is a retreat to the dark and moody boudoirs we associate with plummeting temperatures and time spent indoors.

“Create your bedroom vibe by starting with a key piece such as the bone inlay chest of draws from Zohi Interiors, then compliment your key piece with a rug, mood lighting, greenery and art.”

Winter Bedroom Trends 2018 | House of Home | Create Expectations

Winter Bedroom Inspiration from Create Expectations

We can’t wait to give our bedrooms a freshen up, (not that we needed more of an excuse for a sleep in!), and using Leah’s tips coupled with Sanctuary Studios exquisite linen, we’re looking forward to many nights spent in this winter.

We would like to thank Leah Hallis from Create Expectations and Anne Scott from Sanctuary Studios for sharing their insights with us. If you are ready to start building your wishlist of products, then be sure to shop Sanctuary Studios’ winter range on House of Home now.

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Written by Elizabeth den Dulk.