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Window Furnishings Made Easy Online

November 17, 2015
Window Furnishings Made Easy Online

As we all know, the internet and advancements in technology have changed the way we all shop. Home furnishings where we may have had a consultant visit our home, advise on what product is best, wait weeks for arrival and then have the professional install them have, literally have been revolutionised.

An industry that is leading this change in consumer buyer patterns is the window furnishing business.

Veneta Blinds is a trailblazer and, recently we were fortunate enough to speak with founder and Managing Director, Matthew English.

Matthew has been involved in the window covering industry for over 15 years working in a business development role in countries including Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, United Kingdom and Continental Europe. Realising the complicated traditional supply chain methodology, Matthew knew there was a better way for the consumer to purchase their all too expensive window coverings which lead to the rise of the Veneta brand in Europe in 2012.

Matthew states that their focus is simple, “to become Australia’s number one choice for custom made window covering solutions. That means, delivering great looking, functional and affordable window covering solutions Australia wide through an exceptional 24/7 online shopping experience.” All achieved by directly supplying from the manufacturer to the consumer.

Being all too aware that consumers may feel more comfortable with the “old school approach to purchasing their blinds,” Matthew and his team of dedicated staff are committed to providing exceptional support and assistance for their customers.

“We’re all about ensuring a simple and seamless experience from researching products on the website, to help with installing the blinds in your home,” comments Matthew.

This second-to-none service starts the minute you visit their comprehensive, yet extremely user friendly, website.

Who would have ever thought that measuring, selecting and installing blinds for your home or office would be an easy step-by-step process. Veneta Blinds have thought of everything to make you, the customer, feel reassured and confident through every step of purchasing your blinds. They have a short video that clearly captures everything you need to do in order to end up with a product that not only looks amazing in your interior – but is incredibly affordable. The hardest thing you’ll have to do is decide on what style of blind you’ll have. You can choose from Venetian (aluminium, timber or timber look), Roller Blinds, Roman Blinds, Honeycomb Blinds, with cords, without cords…see what we mean!

“Today consumers demand choice, transparent value and convenience - all virtues of the online shopping experience,” remarked Matthew.

Matthew provided the valuable tip that when you’re shopping for window furnishings, function is the most important aspect to consider first.

“No matter how good your blinds look, if they don’t do what you bought them for, you will be continually frustrated by your purchase. So ask yourself first, why do I need a blind on this window? Do I need privacy, light control, sun protection, insulation or a combination of these? Once you have decided the functional requirements, understand how the blind will operate and if that design style suits the window configuration and your lifestyle. Finally, it then comes down to selection of materials and colours to suit your décor,” Matthew commented.

So how can Veneta Blinds offer such a premium product, in such a short time frame and at such a competitive price?

“Our manufacturing partner is Nien Made who is a global leader in the production of high quality window covering solutions. They can offer us a wide range of window covering solutions in many types of materials including wood, textiles, metals and plastics. They have factories in Taiwan, China and Cambodia and all are managed in accordance with the Toyota Production System. Also, their supply chain is vertically integrated so Veneta has utmost confidence that we are delivering Australian consumers top quality custom made window covering solutions,” noted Matthew.

Veneta’s guiding values have always focused on their customer’s satisfaction.

“We can be really genuine when we say that we offer the best value for money, custom made blinds Australia wide. Actually, I guess there is always some scepticism when consumers buy from a website for the first time but, I believe all our customers are very pleasantly surprised when they unpack and hang their Veneta custom made blinds,” says Matthew proudly.

Matthew went on to say that the most popular product they sell is the honeycomb blind.

“Most Australian homes have big single glazed windows which are not very energy efficient. Honeycomb blinds are a lightweight, contemporary blind. They are ideally suited to large windows but most importantly; provide a high degree of insulation keeping rooms warmer in winter and cooler in summer. I believe with electricity prices doubling over the last few years’, consumers are more conscious about selecting products around the home with the potential to reduce their energy consumption,” commented Matthew.

If the honeycomb blinds are the most popular, we wondered what Matthew’s favourite product was?

“I love wood so I can’t go pass Veneta’s range of authentic and versatile Privacywood venetian blinds," commented Matthew.

"The wood used in Veneta’s timber blinds is managed sustainably and compared to synthetic materials; timber has a very low carbon footprint. Also, with Veneta’s Privacywood blinds whether you choose a painted or stained finish they will provide a contemporary and timeless style to match any colour scheme or décor,” mentioned Matthew.

Upon speaking with Matthew some more, we learnt that Veneta Blinds are passionate about a greener environment and sustainable foresting.

“Each year in conjunction with Kolombangara Forest Products Ltd, Veneta plants one tree seedling for every Timber blind we have sold throughout the year. Veneta Blinds also regularly donate to important causes here in Australia and overseas. In 2015 Veneta has supported QUT, Australasian Institute of Policing, Paramedics Australia, Spinal Injuries Australia, Buy a Bale, Bravehearts, Leukaemia Foundation, Vinnies CEO Sleepout, Project Gen Z, Diabetes Queensland and the RSPCA,” said Matthew.

We were humbled to here such community commitment and asked Matthew what was on the horizon for Veneta Blinds in 2016?

“We will continue to be involved in supporting charitable organisations within the community. Also, we are very excited to announce that Veneta Verticals will be launched early in 2016 which finally will provide a revolutionary, energy saving and easy to operate vertical honeycomb blind…Replacing millions of Australia’s aging vertical blinds that everyone loves to hate!” laughed Matthew.

It’s Veneta Blinds unwavering commitment to be 100% customer focussed and continually improve their products and services, that sets them apart from their competitors and makes them the perfect choice for your window furnishing needs.

SHOP NOW: Venetian Blinds, Honeycomb Blinds, Roller Blinds, Roman Blinds all from Veneta Blinds

The House of Home team would like to thank Matthew for his time and valuable advice for when it comes to purchasing your window furnishings.

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