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Blinds And Curtains For Your Home

April 14, 2016
Blinds And Curtains For Your Home

Finding the perfect window furnishing can be a daunting process and nowadays the choices are endless. The range of custom and ready-made window furnishings now means that you can incorporate a stunning finish to any window in your home as part of your interior design. Curtains are no longer seen as a functional element just to block out the neighbours' view, they can be a real statement piece and serve a functional purpose too.

So, what’s the best window furnishing when it comes to blinds and curtains? Let’s take a look at all the options.

More Than A Roller

Blinds in home

Blinds are no longer just available in the roller variety you may remember - pulling on that stringy cord only to have it come crashing down on you. Those days are long gone and the options now offer a range that will ensure you find the right match you’re looking for.

Blinds are the perfect window covering when you need a streamlined look, don’t want to much clutter and there is minimal room around the window for curtains to fit. Because of these features they are a great option for rooms such as the kitchen, as say a roller blind can be recessed into the window cavity and they vertically disappear. It also ensures that you minimise water and food splattering on them. The cord can be anchored to the architrave or attached with a cleat finishing off that clean clutter free look.

A Statement Blind

Blinds in house

Window shutters

If you are wanting to add a statement blind to a room, the roman style blind is one of many perfect standout option and also comes in various styles and gives you the option of using contrasting fabrics or different materials altogether like bamboo blinds. These varieties of blinds are great for formal style windows like double sash windows indicative on the Victorian right through to the Art Deco periods and the roman blind can be plain scalloped, banded and gathered in different ways as to ensure there is a style to suit any home.

For modern homes a current trend continuing is the use of plantation blinds or hinged shutters. These are an ideal choice for spaces that need some sun block out during the day like a lounge or dining room.

Curtain Call!

Curtains in living areas

Curtains in bedroom

When it’s curtains you want the choice really is endless, with so many fabric varieties, textures and even hanging methods now available, curtains are no longer shunned due to the memories of your nan’s paisley and florals she had back in the 60’s. Recessed curtain rods are on trend in modern homes paired with sheer straight drop curtains. It diffuses the light rather than block it, so is ideal for the open plan areas of a home.

If you want the look of sheer curtains but also want a block out feature pairing both a simple blind and sheer curtains gives you the benefit of both.

Curtains are also making a big comeback in the bedroom and in more formal rooms like a separate lounge or dining room. They can be as dramatic or subtle as you wish and what your room requires from it.

A central door is a perfect spot for statement curtains, hung loosely either side or gathered together with a rope or propped behind a curtain hook. If it is a corner window you wish to use curtains for, you may find it will benefit from a more subtle drape in colours that match the room. Dark fabrics helps create a homely mood, are great at blocking out the sun and ideal for theatre rooms and bedrooms.

Blinds vs Curtains

Curtains in living room

There is a time when you could choose curtains or blinds for a window covering so here are a few things to think about when you are deciding what furnishing to put on your windows:

  • Consider whether your room may need to be dark during the day like shift workers may need to darken the room at various times of the day or the same with a nursery or cinema room.

  • Is this room near or in the kitchen or a wet area like a laundry or bathroom? If so, something that is minimal or out of the way is advisable.

  • Can I add a dramatic statement? Consider how balanced the room is currently with the other interiors. If the room has a common colour theme, consider using this in the choice of fabrics you use, or for a complete contrast add a pop of colour up against a neutral wall colour.

  • Window height! To give the illusion of larger windows consider raising the curtain rod much higher than the window.

  • If you’re installing curtains or blinds in to a children's room or playroom, have fun! There is a great range of fun colourful fabrics that will really help make a child’s room pop.

  • Can’t decide? Double up. The curtain and blind combination can be a winner, so don’t forget you can layer your options.

Curtains in house

Curtains and roller blinds

Take these tips into a account next time you plan your window furnishings!

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