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What is WERS?

January 30, 2014
What is WERS?

You see it on windows made by all the big brands, but what is a WERS rating? And why should I care about a WERS rating?

WERS (Window Energy Rating Scheme) is an independent authority that rates the energy efficiency of windows and glass.

The energy efficiency is in relation to how well the Window keeps hot and cool air inside the house, as well as keeping Hot and Cool air outside the house.

Why choose WERS rated windows?

Energy efficient windows dramatically reduce your energy costs and help maintain the best efficiency of all your heating and cooling devices, by maintaining a stable temperature that has less impact on how hard your devices have to work to reach your desired temperature.

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How to choose a WERS rated Window?

WERS covers 3 key climates relating to Australia, and they are classified as what function the window will perform through most of the year; heating, cooling and mixed, each relates to the requirements of the house over the course of the year.

Heating is relevant for southern parts of Australia (Victoria and Tasmania), Cooling is relevant to Northern parts of Australia (Queensland, Western Australia & Northern Territory) and Mixed is for central parts of Australia (NSW & South Australia).

Remember, WERS is a system designed to aid in efficiency and reduce your heating and cooling expenses.

Consider this when choosing windows, and weight up the initial cost of the window against the benefits it provides and choose a window that suits your climate requirements.

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