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Will Your New Furniture Fit?

January 30, 2014
Will Your New Furniture Fit?

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Forgetting to measure your space or furniture is a surprisingly easy mistake to make. Follow these tips to make sure you’re perfectly prepared before your furniture buying begins.

Vintage and Antique Furniture

Finding a vintage or antique piece that you love and deciding to ‘make it work’ and impulse buying is all too common. If a piece of furniture doesn’t fit into your house, you don’t have a lot of options and getting something home to find out that it doesn’t fit can be frustrating. So take the guess work out and follow our easy and simple tips.

Measure your Furniture

When you’re setting off to look at furniture make sure you’re fully informed- and prepared to be hard-hearted. You should have written down all the measurements for every room you’re shopping for, as well as an idea of what the dimensions of the piece you’re shopping for should be. Armed with a tape-measure, make an afternoon of it and take down the measurements of your living room or lounge room, bedroom, office, dining room and TV room.

Measure your Room

You need to measure the size of the room, including the heights of ceilings. This will give you an idea of how much space a piece will take up in your room. If you’re looking at a piece that needs to be installed or purpose built like a custom cabinet or entertainment unit, as a safeguard make sure that measurements are taken by the professional- don’t let them rely on measurements you provide. Apart from the rooms, you also need to measure the doorways, your stairwell and the hallways. Measure the lowest point of the stairwell, the height between the stairs and the ceiling. This is often the most problematic spot when moving furniture. If your house is open plan, you’ll want to have a very clear idea about the size of the different pieces that you’re shopping for and how they will all fit into the space. And a tip- if you plan to move house, make sure you go through this process well before moving day! Getting to your new home to find out that all of your furniture won’t fit can be a devastating experience, and one that furniture removalists deal with all too often! Give yourself plenty to time to sell your furniture and find replacement pieces if need be.

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