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Get the Latest Look in Your Home: All White

July 31, 2014
Get the Latest Look in Your Home: All White

Written by guest blogger Minot Pettinato

There are dozens of ways to style a room with the clean, innocent, chic white on white decorating palette. Just because this style is trending doesn't mean it won't fit into your decorating style. All white styling matches a myriad of tastes such as country, modern and shabby chic. Be sure to use different shades of white, small hints of colours and patterns for differentiation, eye-catching homeware and fabulous furniture finds.


Layering white on white works beautifully, so long as there is structure, depth, and contrast. Instead of sticking with a base colour "White Linen", choose a handful of different whites to contract on top of one another. Set white chairs (such as) at a table with white linens and white daisies. The plants will breathe life into your space, while your shades of white give off an ambiance of class and sophistication.


Decorating with all white leaves plenty of room for beautiful pops of colour. Choose accent pieces such as this Turner and Lane Blue Chevron Button Cushion, or this Orient Express Vietnamese Hand Embroidered Cushion. Choose standout pieces to accentuate the stylish stark white, like the Furniture Shack Spanish Recycled Glass Vase. Pieces such as these add dramatic pops of colour that won't steal the show from the white shades. If you're not a fan of using colour pops, opt for the use of blacks, greys, and animal prints.


Using colours within a certain colour palette may seem tough once you get past the initial painting portion of your decorating challenge, but remember that decorating within a colour scheme means using art and accessories to draw the eye and creature texture, definition and interest. An example would be using bold housewares, such as this Replica Chanel 4 Painting. This has a stark white background and bold, black colours that adds statement and drama to any room.

replica chanel painting

Choosing off-white and grey tones is another example of a beautiful contrast. Take this Eureka Street Wall Plaque. Brush strokes and hints of greys and faded blues will add charm and elegance to your all-white style.

Accessories will make your white room pop. Choose white pieces that offer contrast, such as the white CM Office Ceramic Pots. The white ceramic and white stones blend in with your creamy palette, but offer texture and interest to the eye - not to mention the colour pop offered by the greenery.


White on white works perfectly with shabby chic. Shabby chic is a rustic, feminine, romantic style in which antique pieces of furniture are sought out, painted white (or another pastel shade, but for the sake of this article - white!), and distressed with sand paper on its edges - such as this gorgeous, antique looking Chateau 2 Door Dresser. The contrast of white on white works well with the delicate feel of shabby chic. Pair your white, shabby chic room with white Parisian accent pieces, such as this Jacaranda Decor Paris Wall Clock for an easy steal of under $40, or this Zuster Rose Diffuser.


White on white is perhaps best suited to modern tastes, as its monochromatic colour-palette makes you feel like you are living in a trendy, asymmetrically chic future. Pair white leather with bold pieces of furniture. Without colour, the biggest impact you can have on your room is with statement pieces; furniture with shape and interest, such as the Dare Gallery Roma Bookcase or Out of the Cot Children's Mini Library Bookcase. These pieces combine zig-zag shapes with stylish, modern whites and pines to create the perfect focal piece to your white ensemble.

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