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Which Kitchen Style Suits You?

July 01, 2015
Which Kitchen Style Suits You?

We are spoilt for choice. There are so many gorgeous kitchen design styles out there to inspire your kitchen renovation that at times, it can be overwhelming choosing which one is best for you.

We take a look at several styles that are proving to be very popular choices.

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Industrial Style

rsz industrial kitchen design

This is one style that's proving extremely popular for all rooms in the home, especially the kitchen, bathroom and living areas. Given the name, the style is right at home in an old warehouse like space, but, elements of this style can look equally at home in a new build.

Industrial Kitchens can be identified as having:

  • High ceilings,
  • Large, often steel, framed windows,
  • Original floorboards or concrete floors,
  • Exposed brickwork,
  • Stainless steel surfaces like benchtops, splashbacks and appliances,
  • Kitchen island benches on casters,
  • Exposed shelving,
  • Statement industrial pendant lights or exposed light bulbs,
  • Black kitchen tapware,
  • Subway tiles and;
  • Steel and timber furniture

This look is all about being stripped back and exposed. It's a great style kitchen for a large family as it's hard-wearing with tough surfaces so no need to be precious in this one!

Eclectic Style

rsz eclectic kitchen design

A fusion of styles and objects, Eclectic Kitchen style is all about displaying your much loved treasures, combining colours, textures and patterns. It's all about you and, mixing and matching. The rules are, there really are no rules. This is the perfect style kitchen for someone who really wants to showcase their personality and flair. Be warned however, although it sounds like a relatively easy style to achieve given it's all your favourite keepsakes displayed, it is one of the most challenging. Get it wrong and the space can appear overwhelming and disorganised.

Eclectic Kitchens can be known as having:

  • Mix of styles like bohemian, country, vintage etc,
  • Combination of different patterns like stripes mixed with florals,
  • Exposed shelves with different coloured paint and wallpaper behind them,
  • Combination of textures,
  • Displays of the owners treasured collections like crockery, teapots, glassware, tiles etc
  • Quirky signage and;
  • Often furniture that is mismatched in both style, colour and material.

The Eclectic Kitchen is the perfect choice for someone who really wants to customise and personalise their space and achieve a look that is as individual as they are.

Modern Mediterranean Style

rsz modern mediterranean kitchen

Modern Mediterranean Kitchens have all the beautiful elements of a traditional Mediterranean Kitchen however, the style is slightly more refined than rustic.

Standout features of the Modern Mediterranean style include:

  • Bold pattern tiles in paired back tones,
  • Canopy range hoods that look slightly more integrated than the traditional Mediterranean Kitchen's look of making them focal points,
  • Warm toned cabinets,
  • A place for all pots and pans – rather than being on display hanging from the ceiling,
  • Exposed beamed ceilings contrasted angainst crisp white ceiling paint,
  • Simplistic pendant lights in warmer tones or made of metal,
  • A central island kitchen bench without the sink or mixer being integrated,
  • Large freestanding cookers and;
  • Plenty of natural light to stream through.

These features combine beautifully to create a fresh modern take on the beautiful traditional Mediterranean Kitchen and, in turn makes it a terrific style solution for an open plan kitchen design.

Scandinavian Inspired

rsz scandinavian kitchen inspiration

This look is all about effortlessness. Scandinavian Kitchens are easily identified for their clever use of space, ample natural light, minimalism, all white surfaces and handmade furniture usually crafted in beautiful blonde toned timbers. It's an inviting style and perfectly suited to those who like no fuss.

Scandinavian Kitchens are all about:

  • Confidence, less is best,
  • Streams of natural light,
  • Windows that easily open to allow plenty of fresh air,
  • All white surfaces with touches of grey tones or small elements of pastel,
  • Light coloured timber floorboards,
  • Blonde toned timber furniture, handcrafted,
  • Plants either in beautiful handcrafted pots or hanging from the ceiling,
  • No clutter, everything has it's place and;
  • Clever customised cabinetry to make the most of space

The Scandinavian style perfectly suits open plan designed kitchens and those who like a very organised, yet inviting, space.

Country Style

rsz country kitchen

The Country Kitchen is a down-to-earth, cosy, welcoming and humble space. This style of kitchen really gives you the impression that the heartbeat of the home is firmly planted in this open space.

A Country Style Kitchen usually has elements of:

  • A crisp white or buttery creamy yellow, light and airy, colour scheme,
  • Ample storage of drawers and furntiture style cabinets with prominent cabinetry handles, usually in a more traditional style,
  • Timber buffets or hutches with glass windows to display beautiful collections of china and glassware,
  • Cookbooks on display,
  • Fire-clay sinks with lovely traditional tapware fixtures,
  • Marble or timber benchtops with large, handmade chopping boards,
  • Lots of preparation space,
  • Splachback tiles, usually with a border feature tile,
  • Symmetrical, low hanging pendant lights to allow for ample task lighting,
  • Timber flooring and;
  • Solid fuel cookers.

This style of kitchen is perfect for a busy family who love to spend some of their leisure time cooking and baking given it's ample bench space and general carefree vibe.

This is only a small selection of the amazing kitchen styles you could have in your home but, we hope it's inspired you to find the perfect style to suit you and your kitchen needs.

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