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Which Tapware Style Suits Your Home?

November 17, 2017
Which Tapware Style Suits Your Home?

Sourcing tapware for your bathroom or kitchen can come with challenges.

With hundreds of tapware designs on the market, narrowing down the options can be tricky, especially if you are looking for something specific to suit a particular style or era of home.

The style of tapware you choose will act as a beautiful statement piece to highlight your bathroom or kitchen design. It will become a main focal point upon entering a room so it’s important to select the right design for your style of interior.

If you have been deliberating over which designs will work best for your bathroom or kitchen, or are having difficulty tracking down taps with the right ‘look’ for the style of your home, the good news is, there's a solution and their name is Phoenix Tapware.

How to Find the Perfect Tap

We will let you in on a little secret; Phoenix Tapware is one company who have made sourcing the right taps so incredibly easy! They have a fantastic collection of tapware and bathroom accessories that will complement any number of interior styles perfectly.

Phoenix have an excellent understanding of what their customers need and believe that finding the perfect tapware shouldn’t be a chore. As such, they have made it their focus to develop products that not only function at a premium level but also look nothing short of stunning and are complementary to all styles of homes.

Phoenix simplify the process of sourcing tapware by offering versatile, carefully considered designs that come in a range of different finishes to suit every space. You can find an array of luxe finishes from chrome, brushed nickel, gun metal, brushed gold and even matte black.

Whether you are looking for Art Deco, Contemporary, Mid Century Modern, or Federation style, Phoenix Tapware have the perfect solution.

Era Style Tapware Inspiration

Still deciding on which style will best suit your home? See our inspiration mood boards below, discover more about the different types of style trends and learn which tap profiles will work best with them.

If you like these styles, the Phoenix products can help you achieve a modern version of them. Each of the Phoenix collections offer a modern interpretation of the following era styles.


Federation Style

A traditional style of 1895 – 1915 which lends itself to older style homes that want to retain or accentuate some of the original style from the charming Victorian era.

Federation style can be modernised with modern-day materials and finishes paired with elements that are characterised by old-world style and craftsmanship. In a bathroom, a freestanding clawfoot bath is a must, along with tessellated or encaustic tiles.

Both Federation style kitchens and bathrooms employ darker woods such as ebony, mahogany, teak or walnut. Alternatively timber, painted white can be used to create a softer, more classic look. Painted wood wainscoting placed a half way up a wall makes surfaces easy to clean and is keeping with the Federation style aesthetic of cleanliness.


Federation Style Tapware:

Nostalgia Mixer

The Nostalgia collection has the glamour and old-world charm to enhance any period or modern home alike. Its elegant design and ornate detail and refinement of shape are the essence of this style. Nostalgia also comes with a white handle option too. This mixer option offers the modern day convenience of a mixer with an aesthetic that perfectly suits this era.

Nostalgia Tapware

Nostalgia tapware takes inspiration from the heritage style charm of this collection to another level with 2 and 3 hole pieces. The antique style and purposeful design is what gives it that extra edge. With each element bordered by detail, Nostalgia is punctuated neatly by ornate detail giving it that extra federation charm.

If you have a period home and are looking to upgrade your tapware, the Nostalgia collection is ideal as it is available for both Federation style bathrooms and Federation style kitchens and comes with matching accessories.

Rhapsody Lever

A slightly more modern take on inspired vintage tapware, the Rhapsody Lever and bathroom collection relies on classic forms and shape to recreate the feeling and appeal of old-style provincial design that looks right at home in a Federation style home.


Art Deco

Hailing from the roaring 20’s, the Art Deco aesthetic reflects exuberance, sophistication and beauty in the form of luxe materials, decorative patterns and geometric motifs that express a feeling of optimism, flair and fun.

Since it’s inception in the mid 20’s, Art Deco has remained a hugely popular source of inspiration for interiors and in particular bathrooms and powder rooms.

The Art Deco design elements celebrate a shine factor and the repetition of pattern. Materials can include metal finishes such as chrome, mirror, mother of pearl and polished marble, while zigzags, chevrons, parallel lines or sweeping curves also are common patterns found in bathroom tiles or wall paper designs.


Art Deco Tapware

Phoenix Tapware's Argo, Radii and Rush all make the perfect companion to an Art Deco setting.


The Argo collection is distinguished by its refined curves and sculptural form. Exuding elegance and glamour, Argo is a simplified nod toward art deco shapes and lines, while possessing timelessness that carries it through all eras.

The Argo collection is available with both bathroom taps and kitchen taps to choose from.


The Radii mixer collection is the ideal inclusion for an art deco inspired kitchen and bathroom. Beautifully designed with symmetry and line in mind, the soft surfaces and effortless elegance will make it an enduring favourite in your home. Radii also has matching bathroom accessories.


The Rush bathroom collection and Rush kitchen collection embody style and elegance, with a soft yet refined design that is ideal for an art deco inspired interior. Reflecting the design trends of this era, the form and lines used to create Rush, give it the popular design quality of this time period, emulating the fast-moving machinery of the time.


Mid-century Modern

Mid-Century Modern was born in the mid 20th century out of a high demand for modern furniture to be produced quickly after the two world wars. This meant that functionality had to replace the highly ornate detailing of previous design styles.

It produced iconic designers such as the likes of Eames, Wegner, Poulsen and Jacobsen and more who embraced the modern technology of the day.

The new mid-century reflected a never before seen form of clean, simple and sleek lines with bold colours.


Mid-Century Modern Tapware:

Vivid Slimline Up

Due to popular demand, Phoenix has just released the exciting new mixer collection called Vivid Slimline Up.

With its upward stretching lever handles and streamline appearance, Vivid Slimline Up epitomises the simple charm of the mid-century era.

The design is modern with a slight playfulness, literally switching it up with a fresh and new approach to lever orientation which goes up instead of down.


Blurring the line between art and functionality, Toi has a simple and understated design that embraces the eclectic trend of split finishes. A mid-century go-to, the slim aesthetics and twist dial mixer handles will bring that slightly retro feel, to your kitchen or bathroom while maintaining the classiness of contemporary design.


Delighting in many of the characteristics of mid-century modern design, Alia's award winning design offers clean lines, gentle organic curves and large flat surfaces. There’s a sense of understated luxury too that really ties the Alia bathroom range in nicely with this style.


Contemporary Style

The Contemporary design style offers an uncluttered, modern day aesthetic that is defined by clean lines, simple geometry and a predominantly monochromatic or neutral colour palette.

Natural materials such as timber and stone unite, along with sleek finishes such glass and metals finishes such as chrome, satin nickel, matte black or brass.

This style is offers the appearance of a highly functional and organised space that isn't overly decorated but celebrates organic elements. This lack of decorative finishes help to create an open and spacious feeling.


Contemporary Tapware


The contemporary style often aims to bring the outdoors in, especially with large windows for a rich prevalence of light. With this in mind, the Nara zen inspired range features a unique, open spout design and an innovative, flush mixer handle, which creates a free flowing, organic aesthetic.

If you are looking to create a spa like atmosphere in your bathroom the Nara tap is perfect for you.


Contemporary bathrooms are a place of simple elegance and style, where the emphasis is on the softness and intimate details. Both the Cerchio Bathroom collection and Cerchio Kitchen collection reflect this air of refinement - born from the quality and subtle curve on each edge and surface.

Vivid Slimline Oval

A simple and yet defining feature of the contemporary style is the subtle, soft curve. This element is what makes Vivid Slimline Oval eligible for any contemporary interior, particularly kitchen design.

The elegant contours and delicately merging surfaces of the Vivid Slimline Oval collection makes it a beautiful bathroom focal point and an immaculate example of similar elements seen in contemporary architecture and design.

We hope you found this article helpful. If you are ready to start building your wish list of products, then be sure to check out Phoenix Tapwares product ranges through the following retailers.

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