Let it Glow - The Top Fireplace Trends and Designs for 2016 

March 21, 2016
Let it Glow - The Top Fireplace Trends and Designs for 2016

Beat the winter blues and create a sense of warmth and luxury in your home by introducing a new statement fire-place. Nothing is more hypnotising or more comforting than the flickering flames of a fire in the wintertime.

A fire place acts a beautiful focal point for your living space and creates the ultimate cosy ambience to help you through the cooler months. With so many styles and varieties to choose from, selecting a fireplace can become a little overwhelming.

Never fear, House of Home have done the research to bring you a selection of gorgeous and practical fireplaces that are going to be big, bright and beautiful in 2016. These 'talking point’ designs are guaranteed to create a beautiful sensory experience that will add a new lease of life to your home.

Choosing a Fireplace

When selecting a fire place for your home it is important to consider what its primary purpose will be. Before you commence your research review the following questions, they will help you to determine which is the best fireplace for you;

• Is the fireplace required to be a source of main heat?

• Is just for aesthetics and to create an ambiance, or does it need to offer both?

• What is your budget?

• What is your style preference and what style will best suit your home?

• Which type is the most economical for your home? Weigh up cost to run, fuel availability and so forth.

• How long do plan to live in your home? Will the heater be a short or long term investment?

• What are the building requirements for this type?

• Consider insulation, window sizes and ceiling heights. These are all factors that will impact of the type of fire place that will be most suitable for your home.

• Speak to an expert! Take a floor plan with some measurements and photos of your space into your nearest dealer. They can assist you to calculate heating capacity required and suitable options for your home.

Gas Fireplaces

Types of Fireplaces

While there are numerous styles and types to choose from, the three most popular varieties are gas, electric or wood burning.

Gas Fire Places

There has been an increasingly strong trend toward gas fireplaces. The effect of heat is almost instant, they are affordable, and easy to install as they don’t require a brick built chimney. Note that Gas fires should be used as a secondary form of heating. There are many styles to choose from which can be incorporated into a multitude of interior spaces.

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Wood Burner Fire Place

Wood Burners

Nothing beats the flickering flames and mesmerising effect of a real wood burning fire place. A wood burner generates an unparalleled, luxurious level of warmth compared to other sources of heat and as wood is a renewable resource. Wood burners are therefore considered a carbon neutral way of producing heat for the whole house.

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Electric Fireplace

Electric Fireplaces

Electric Fireplaces have evolved significantly in recent years. They now take advantage of modern LED lighting technologies to mimic a flame-effect option that is almost as good as the real thing. They are now able to offer a higher level of heat output that is low maintenance and energy efficient. This type of fireplace is primarily used for decorative purposes and can be floor standing or wall mounted. They don’t need to be flued so are a good option for apartments where sharing walls, body corporate may be an issue.

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Ethanol Fireplace


Ethanol Fireplaces are popular for their low maintenance, energy efficiency, and their ease of installation. A major advantage being that they aren’t required to be vented to the outdoors, and as such don’t need a flue.

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Suspended Fireplace

Styles of Fireplaces

Suspended Fire-Places

Hung from the ceiling, a suspended fireplace can create a beautiful interior sculpture and focal point for a room.

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Suspended Rotating Fireplace

What could be better than a suspended fireplace? A rotating one! Imagine having a playful 360 degree pivot rotation option that can allow the fire to be positioned anywhere in a room! Well It’s actually possible!

Free Standing Fireplace

Free Standing Fireplaces

A freestanding fireplace is a highly efficient heating option for homes that don’t have enough wall space for an inbuilt fireplace, and is perfect for homes with high cathedral style ceilings and also work well with large format glass windows that offer a panoramic view.

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Double Sided Fire Place

Double Sided Fireplaces

Use this playful design as a divider between two grand living spaces and enjoy the flickering of dancing flames from both sides. A double sided wood range allows an unsurpassed ambience in any centre space.

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Wall Mounted Fireplace

Wall Mounted Fire Place

Wall mounted fireplaces are a great option for small spaces, are relatively inexpensive to buy and super easy to install. Making the, by far one of the most popular styles for creating a beautiful statement.

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Corner Unit Fireplace

Corner Unit

If you like the aesthetic of a freestanding unit but don't want it projecting into living space a corner unit is the perfect solution! They a very easy to install and a great way to fill a nook or dead space in a corner.

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Fireplace Trends 2016

Fireplace Trends 2016

We asked Matt Kersey of Subiaco Restoration what he thinks will be the key trends for 2016. Here’s what he said.

‘’I think the modern, clean, simple look will continue in the main, with brands like Real Flame, Regency, Escea and Rinnai doing well’’.

‘’Period renovations are becoming more true to the original, rather than semi-modernised DIY type renovations, so I’m sure we’ll see the more traditional styled fires still performing strongly on both gas and wood’’.

‘’I’d think that, with new home builders requiring a minimum 6 star efficiency, the market for balanced flue, room sealed fires will improve’’.

For more fireplace design ideas visit our website – it’s teaming with options. The perfect fireplace just for you is waiting to be found! Visit: Fireplaces

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