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A New World of Luxury by Luxe Collections

June 15, 2016
A New World of Luxury by Luxe Collections

Located in Perth, Luxe Collections is a treasure-trove of unique, beautifully designed and made products for the home, sourced from around the globe. Created to showcase an exclusive range of bathware, lighting, semi-precious stone, tiles, mirrors, art glass and more.

The successful combination of their awe-inspiring showroom, along with a level of customer-service that is second-to-none, Luxe Collections has flourished to become Perth’s newest go-to-store for home finishes.

With a show-stopping collection guaranteed to inspire and delight, we just had to find out more about this amazing store. We spoke to Shreyans Jain , owner of Luxe Collections and asked him to share their story.

Luxe Collections Bath

How did you get into the business?

Luxe Collections was conceived when we were building our own home and found we could not find home finishes which were different from the regular products available in Perth.

An extensive search revealed the wide variety of exquisite home finishes available world over, which made us decide to bring in and showcase a selection of these products.

What can we expect when we come in store?

A magnificent display of dazzling lights, stylish bathware, unique porcelain tiles and vibrant translucent panels.

Great quality, reasonable prices, personalised attention and unique display is our hallmark. We regularly add the very latest in designs to the display.

Tell us about your favourite products at the moment:

  • The versatile 2 ring/halo pendant light, a very popular and striking addition to any space be it over the dining table, kitchen bench top, staircase landing, living, bedroom… it has endless applications!

  • The new Black & White striking composite stone bathtub with a matching basin is another favourite, not to forget the ever popular and elegant ‘Maya’ with its eye catching symmetric design which makes it an instant hit with designers.

  • The array of natural stone look porcelain tiles. The Rock series and the Travertine-look ranges are popular choices.

  • The show stopping translucent Tiger Onyx panel which is a play on art is another favourite!

Luxe Collections Perth

Luxe Collections Light 2 Ring Dia 810mm H 1000mm

Luxe Collections TC S52 5 Bath

Luxe Collections Onyx Panel

What makes the store special?

Great quality, and reasonable prices coupled with a large eye-catching display – this is the feedback got from all the visitors to the store.

People love the unique collection which we have handpicked from world-over. They love that they can touch and feel every product. They drop by regularly to see what new has been added.

What’s your favourite question / comment from a customer?

  • Who selects the products? What an exquisite collection!

We tell them that we are a family run business where each of the three of us travels and personally handpicks all the products.

  • How did you come about this unique combination of bathware, lighting, tiles and decorative panels under one roof! One normally would expect to find only lighting or only bathware or only tiles.

We thought we’d be creative and wanted to offer our customers an inspired overall experience!

  • We came in with some fixed idea of what we want but are hit with so many better options!

  • We came in looking for Lights (or tiles or bathware) but have got distracted as you have such a good collection of other products as well! We now have to get them too!

What’s your favourite part of the work day?

Every time a prospective customer steps in, they bring in a positive energy and excitement as they are looking in awe of the display and dream of using all the products in their homes! They bring such happiness as they have come to choose something which will enhance the beauty of their homes. This mood invariably passes on to us!

Luxe Collections Bianca

Who would you love to serve in-store?

Each and everyone.

What inspires you?

The positive feedback we receive from our customers encourages and motivates us to serve customers even better with our very personalised service. Offering good quality, reasonable prices and regularly upgrading and adding new products results in happy and satisfied customers.

Are you regularly updating your own home with products from your store?

Yes…wish we too could keep changing houses so we can use all of the products!

Luxe Collections Seacrest Mirage Master Suite

Want luxury at affordable prices? Shop Luxe Collections.

Luxe Collections Tile Bath