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What's Your Kitchen Splashback Style?

September 22, 2014
What's Your Kitchen Splashback Style?

Back in the day when we wanted to spice up the kitchen splashback, we’d call on decorative tiles to do the job. In the last few years, the choice and variety of alternative splashback options got a lot more creative. The name is pretty self-explanatory. A splashback is the strip of wall that tends to run behind the ‘business’ area of the kitchen – usually the stovetop, the sink; fairly busy areas that tend to fall victim to sprays of sauces, food, splattering liquid from hot pans and those usual kitchen suspects!

So the primary focus of a splashback really should be function – it needs to be a smooth surface that can be wiped clean quickly and effectively. But that’s not to say the splashback shouldn’t look terrific in the process, either! More and more homes are turning to some truly spectacular splashbacks – to the point where the splashback has pretty much become this decade’s feature wall.

So what styles of kitchen splashbacks are on the market?


Not just any glass, mind you. The modern day splashback can now call on printed glass to give a kitchen a uniquely individual edge. Whether you select an image provided by the glass retailer, or you request your own design to be printed, printed glass splashbacks can truly be functional works of art for the kitchen. If you’d prefer your art to be framed and hanging on walls, then plain glass splashbacks are a terrific option, as well. The menu of colours is just incredible and the texture of glass gives the splashback an intense, highly polished quality.

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Kitchen at Elsternwick


Far be it for us to suggest tiled splashbacks are a thing of the past. Just because we now have plenty of contemporary alternatives doesn’t mean the tiled splashback should become a kitchen dinosaur. On the contrary, tiles can be a wonderful way to create a visually impactful splashback – just be mindful though to lay them so there is no chance of kitchen grime falling in-between cracks and creating germs and mould.

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Pressed Metal

There’s a real quality retro charm about pressed metal splashbacks. For many of us, they conjure grandparent’s homes or cool cafes that serve milkshakes in old school metal cups. Pressed metal splashbacks are great in that the metal tends to work with most interior colour schemes, and the patterns are diverse and truly lovely. Pressed metal splashbacks can be a stunning addition to a kitchen.

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If you’re in the market for a kitchen splashback we hope you’re inspired to turn functional into fantastic!

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