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Cafe Style in North-East Victoria

November 23, 2015
Cafe Style in North-East Victoria

Walking into What You Eat, a cafe in the North-East town of Bright, you know immediately this is not just your average run of the mill cafe.

The name may give it away away however, once you peruse the menu you quickly discover this place is a special space dedicated to educating people about wellness and helping them understand the benefits of controlling health with good food choices.

I’m quickly greeted by owners Emili and Tim, followed by the offer of a coffee and avocado and lime tart which was too beautiful not to photograph before tucking in!

The space they have created is open and inviting and getting a great response from locals and tourists in the main street of Bright.

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“We wanted a wonderful space for our community and provide them with simple wholefoods, that look amazing, are healthy and taste great!” commented Emili.

“We opened in April this year and its been a great journey so far," remarked Emili. The building was in the process of a complete renovation as it was formally part of the post office back in October 2014. Once Emili and her husband Tim new what was happening they were quick to snap it up for their cafe plans. Luckily, this meant they had some element of say over what type of space they wanted.

“Sky lights were essential. I’m a big fan of natural light and this space really needed to have lots of it!” stated Emili.

The big What You Eat sign mounted to the black chalk board wall is actually re-purposed from a Mt Buffalo tabletop. The style and decor is modern, streamlined yet has a hint of rustic flair.

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Danni, a stylist from Myrtleford really helped Tim and Emili create the style and look they wanted. "Her knowledge and contacts meant we were able to get exactly what we hoped for. Midras Link soft furnishing line the bench seating all along the wall of the cafe and the tables were custom made from Mountain Ash from Mt Beauty," commented Emili.

Tim and Emili are passionate about whole foods and creating wonderful eating experience for their customers. From juices, breakfast, lunches and bite size treats all bases are covered in this cafe as well as organic coffee.

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“We don’t use any cane sugar, only rapadura sugar and all of our menu is dairy free," Emili confirmed. Wire crates store all their produce effortlessly and stylishly with space for their new up and coming food range called Deliberately Delicious. They will supply granolas, muesli, rapadura sugar and a nut mix. The daily made cakes and treats all sit in a glass cabinet on a collection of mis-matched glassware and cookies for both humans and canine are in jars on the counter. Tap water is cleverly provided in re-purposed passata jars.

Whatyoueat cafe details

WhatyoueatP glass jars

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“We love serving our food on simple wooden chopping boards, and our smoothies get served in glass jars.People love it, and visually, it makes the whole process so much more enjoyable when food looks good as well as tastes good.” commented Emili.

Emili is passionate about animal welfare with all tips going to Animal Australia and all their compost scraps go to rescued pigs. Emili has plans to have workshops and set up a wellness week where people can come and collect wholesome cooked food for their meals during the week.

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Brenda, and the House of Home Team, would like to thank Emili & Tim for letting us Step In Side their friendly cafe.

Heading to Bright? Be sure to pop in for a visit to What You Eat Cafe (3A Ireland Street, Bright) and say hi to Emili and Tim!

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