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Select the Perfect Window Treatment with Timbershades.

June 12, 2016
Select the Perfect Window Treatment with Timbershades.

A house is not a home until the correct window treatments have been addressed. Replacing old window treatments can give a tired room a whole new lease of life!

Shutters and blinds are perfect for a clean, modern look that will create a stunning focal point from the interior and the exterior of the home. Both styles come with various options to choose from and have an aesthetic that will remain forever timeless.

More than just a decorative element, timber shutters tick every box by addressing all your needs in one. Shutters not only offer excellent protection from summer heat and sun and effective heat insulation during the winter, they also provide privacy and security, allow better control over room ventilation and are easily adjustable for light control. Another big advantage is they are easily to clean, ensuring that they always look brand spanking new!

Depending on your style preference, blinds are another fantastic solution. Whether it be roller blinds, roman blinds or a panel glide system, Blinds are available in various fabric options ranging from light Sunscreen materials which will allow varying amounts of light through to total Blockouts. These are great for home theatre rooms etc. You can even have both fabrics installed in the same window for total control. There are fabrics for both interior and exterior use. Modern fabrics offer such benefits as Solar Reflectance, Solar Transmittance and Solar Absorbance with varying degrees of openness.

Timbershades Shutters 1

Timbershades External Shutters

There’s such an art and science to selecting the right window treatments so we spent some chatting to blind and shutter expert Ben Hale from Timbershades to find out more about their company and how they have been designing the perfect solutions for their client’s homes in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane since the early 1980’s.

How did you get into the business?

Almost 3 years ago the opportunity arose to accept a role with Timbershades. I accepted immediately as I knew of Timbershades great reputation, of their professionalism, attention to detail and their excellent range of products to suit all needs.

What can we expect when we come instore?

Our large showroom showcases all of our products, allowing our customers to touch and feel our range of items on display. Our friendly and experienced sales team and consultants are all trained to be able to assist with any questions on any product.

Tell us about your favorite products at the moment?

With such a large range of product to choose from, I always come back to plantation shutters. With a vast variety of options to choose from, shutters are a timeless item that can add value to your home. Whether it be a standard window, bay window or shaped, a plantation shutter can suit any décor.

What makes your store special?

Our level of service, experience and professionalism are what makes us special. To be able to offer our clients the correct advice on what window coverings will suit best is also important.

Timbershades Blinds Trio

What’s your favorite question from a customer?

Suiting our customer’s requests is satisfying. Whether it be by offering quality made products from our range of Australian made blinds or meeting delivery dates for urgent timeframes with our range of plantation shutters, no question will go unanswered.

What’s your favorite part of the work day?

Favorite parts of the day are meeting with our clients in their homes offering suggestions and solutions on how they can transform their home. The other would be the installation process undertaken by our experienced fitters. The feedback we receive on how our customers are ecstatic with the finished product make all the work that goes into each order worthwhile.

Who would you love to serve in store?

We enjoy seeing all types of customers, but I especially like when previous or referred customers come to see us as that’s when you know you have done well, when people are happy to refer their friends or family to a business that has met and exceeded their original expectations.

What inspires you?

Our customer’s. We are inspired by our customers and their homes. We regularly keep on top of the latest trends and colours in the window furnishing industry so that we can offer them innovative solutions for their home. Combined with our sales team extensive product knowledge, we are able to supply the right solutions for our customer’s requirements.

Are you regularly updating your own home with products from the store?

Not regularly updating, but yes, I do have our products in my home. One of the benefits of using our product is that they are long lasting. The most recent update was the addition of plantation shutters to the front of my home and they still look as good as the day that they were installed!

Timbershades Shutters   Blinds

Timbershades are experts in their field and without a doubt have great passion for what they do. If you would like to get in touch with them or find out more visit Timbershades.