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What’s In The Air You Breathe?

October 09, 2014
What’s In The Air You Breathe?

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We’ve already had our first taste of summer, but before you turn on your air conditioner we recommend a little bit of maintenance might be in order.

Did you know that each of us is breathing our way through over 11,000 litres of air a day?

So while you need to look after your air con to ensure that it’s in good mechanical order, its important to pay attention to the filtering system as well.

Air quality in the home is so important – it can be the trigger for allergies, asthma, and hay fever.

Cleaning, ventilation and indoor house plants all help.

But if you run your air conditioner a lot in Summer then one of the big things you can do is pay attention to the filters.

We spoke to Andrew Ford, from Ford & Doonan Air Conditioning Systems in WA, about the filters in air conditioners.

“We install mostly reverse cycle ducted systems. For the most part these will come fitted with standard washable filters. The manufacturers recommend that these are washed every 3 months, but the down side is that even if you are regularly maintaining the filters, they are not fine enough to capture contaminants like pollens, plant spores, atmospheric dusts, and other indoor irritants."

And it’s these smaller particles that act as the trigger for allergies, asthma, and hay fever.

Andrew recommends replacing the traditional filters supplied with a pleated filter design.

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“The filter has been designed to specifically trap the smaller sized particles, while still allowing air to move freely through the filter with even less fan power than the standard filters.”

For those who like the technical information, a normal standard washable panel filter is rated G1.

G1 is a standard European measurement for filter efficiency and indicates that the filter will arrest between 50 and 65% of dust used during testing.

Andrew explains further, "we chose a pleated filter with a G3 rating as this has been tested and shown to filter out up to 90% of dust during testing. But just as importantly it doesn't make your air conditioner work any harder to circulate the air, and will work efficiently over the whole year."

This new filter design suits the major brand air conditioners like Daikin, Samsung and Fujitsu.

And the good news is they only require changing annually, so no more quarterly cleaning required.

Interested in knowing more?

You can shop for the Ford & Doonan Custom Designed Air Filter Kit or contact the friendly team at one of the below Ford & Doonan showrooms today!

The team at House of Home would like to thank Andrew Ford from Ford & Doonan for sharing his expert industry knowledge.