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What Oven To Buy?

July 21, 2014
What Oven To Buy?

That’s not an oven… This is an oven! The days of using an oven to just roast and bake are long gone. Sophisticated, innovative and with specs that make a standard oven look like a dinosaur, things are getting hot in the kitchen! We’re particularly taken at the moment with steam and pyrolytic ovens, so we caught up with Louise from Stocks Appliances to talk us through the new way of cooking.

1950s Oven Cooking Roast

Cooking appliances, in particular ovens, have come a long way in technological advancements and design.

Let’s start with steam ovens. Why steam food in the oven?

Steaming is a great way to eat healthy – it retains a lot of the nutrients in food that other cooking processes might compromise. Steaming in the oven in particular keeps food a lot juicier and plumper. Also the flavours are just incredible. In short – it really heightens the eating pleasure.

steam cooking

Delicious fish and vegetables steam away in a combi oven.

So does that mean a steam oven only steams?

No – steam combination – or ‘combi’ – ovens are really where the trend is going. This way you can have your cake and eat it, too! A combi oven gives you the choice to use the oven in a more traditional cooking way, or to use it as a steamer. That said I find I am using my steamer for some of those more traditional ways of cooking. For example, I can steam and bake my veggies so that they go a lovely golden colour, but are still incredibly juicy and flavoursome. Or I can steam my veggies at the same time I have my meat roasting.

Alt text

Is the quality of a conventional oven compromised when it becomes part of a ‘combi’?

No – you still have a perfectly functioning normal oven, you just get the added bonus of having it act as a steam oven as well.

Are there many steam oven combi options out there?

Absolutely – they’re available in a variety of sizes and options.

What about Pyrolytic Ovens? What are they?

A pyrolytic oven is all about making the cleaning process totally, completely effortless. The oven door is locked with the pyrolytic cleaning cycle is initiated. This takes the oven’s internal temperature to an incredible 500 degrees Celsius. So in short – it turns into an incinerator. Once the cycle is over, you just open the oven to find ash – all those messy little food scraps and stains here and there have been incinerated. You just grab a damp cloth and wipe them off and out.

Alt text

So cleaning an oven becomes easy as pie?

Cleaning an oven spotlessly becomes incredibly easy. You save time and physical effort cleaning.

Cleaning Pyrolitic Oven

Simply wipe the oven down with a clean cloth and voila, all clean!

What are the other benefits?

If you normally clean your oven with harsh products to ensure a level of hygiene, you can throw them away. The pyrolytic ovens clean thoroughly, and without any chemicals.

I can see huge potential here for investment property owners, would that be right?


Ovens are one of those especially neglected features in a rental property – tenants often pay them little respect and certainly the level of elbow grease used to keep them clean and hygienic can be questionable.

By literally flicking a switch and waiting for the oven to do its thing, you’ll have a perfectly spotless, perfectly clean product in your kitchen ready for the next lot of renters.

Thanks again to Louise from Stocks Appliances for sharing with us her expert knowledge on kitchen appliances, in particular the steam and pyrolytic ovens today.