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What is Traditional Style Furniture?

January 30, 2014
What is Traditional Style Furniture?

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Traditional furniture is characterised by old-world style, craftmanship and dark, heavy wood. It’s furniture that was made until the end of the Victorian period when Modernism began.

The Look

Traditional furniture has a very definite look, and may not always mix in well with furniture from other eras. It is very distinctive and may look best if you decide on one room - perhaps a dining room or living room to decorate in this style.

It can be quite dark in appearance. Given this, you may consider keeping your walls and soft furnishings on the lighter side. Alternatively, you can go for darker walls and furnishings and really embrace the vibe! Make sure that you’re using all of your fixtures to tie the style together- look at a traditional lamp, clock or mirror as an attractive way to accessorise.

The Price

Traditional furniture is can be expensive, due to both the age of the furniture and the craftsmanship. When you’re buying the furniture, you should be able to get a full history of the piece that you’re buying.

There is a lot of reproduction traditional furniture on the market. This can often still be very well made and look great- but should also have a lower price tag! Don’t be shy about looking at a reproduction, only you will know it isn’t the real thing. Pieces like a sofa, bed or couch may not have aged particularly well, and a reproduction might be a better option once you take reupholstering or a new mattress into account.

The Pieces

If you decide to outfit an entire room, remember that not all pieces we need for our modern lives will be found in a traditional style. If you’re hunting for storage, this can be tricky. Aside from old-fashioned chests and bookshelves, traditional storage units aren’t built for gadgets and cords. If you’re looking for an entertainment unit or TV cabinet you’ll need to look at reproductions or re purpose a cabinet, chest or trunk.

You’ll see pieces with a lot of intricate carving- you might even find claw-foot legs on a dining table or chairs. Table tops will often be inlaid wood or even marble. If a piece of furniture is in need of restoration, if it’s more intensive than a simple polish, don’t attempt this yourself. It’s important that the restoration is handed over to an Antique expert so that the piece isn’t damaged or devalued.

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