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What is Rustic Style Furniture?

January 30, 2014
What is Rustic Style Furniture?

Rustic furniture tends to be the description used for furniture that is either made out of natural materials, such as timber, and/or furniture that is made by hand or appears as if it were handcrafted.

Furniture with Country Charm

Think rustic furniture and you will likely conjure images of a very homely, hearty interior – possibly a log cabin, or a country house high on country charm. Rustic implies a connection back to grassroots, a respectful treatment of natural materials, a harping back to simpler times without fanfare, tricked up features and embellishments.

Rustic Style Furniture

Rustic Furniture Pieces

Recently, there has been a resurgence in what could be defined as rustic furniture, as more and more people turn to the unique and individual designs of commissioned timber pieces, or reclaimed or recycled materials that are turned into tailor-made signature beds, sofas, tables and chairs.

Single rustic furniture pieces can lend themselves really well to a range of interior designs – indeed they can make for terrific signature features that really give a creative edge to an otherwise understated room.

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